Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bouquets - Flowers - Cats

Lovely cool morning here at 5 AM, 68°.


I went out early to check things and the dew was very heavy, way too wet to do any garden work. I did find a glad broke over so I brought it in.


Most of my flowers are pretty sorry looking because of our weather, but the two heirloom roses, Reine des Violette and Baronne Prevost have done another set of blooms and I found a few that the beetles hadn't ruined.

I was surprised by this one:
and a close up of the bloom

I started with a white and a deep rose hibiscus moscheutos, Swamp Mallow. All were started from seeds. Over the years I have lost some (a tornado felled a monster Elm tree on a row of them), some died. I think last year I had a white, and a medium and dark pink. The do self seed rampantly and I let a few grow each year. Last year I got a deeper rose with reddish stems right by the mother plant without reddish stems. Now I have this wonderful pure pale pink with no eye right outside the kitchen window.

I am currently letting 3-4 grow right in front of the cistern planter. They will have to be moved this fall. I think I will put them in the new shrub border out front.


These are Willie's (predator victim) babies from a year ago.

From Cats


  1. Thank you so much for your comment about my book Shades of Gray. The timing, and your words, could not have been more relevant, as I have sold the rights to a large publishing company, and have just been asked to CUT IT again almost in half and delete Victoria's character.
    I am a bit devastated, needless to say, to THANK YOU for taking the time to write!

  2. Glenda ~ What a lovely post, filled with sweets from your gardens. I just love your roses!!!

    Those kitties are adorable, and looking very healthy. They have a good home.


  3. Those beautiful roses look like they would really have a great smell. Love the daisies with the hibiscus-pretty grouping and a pretty shade of pink.

    We wound up with 3/4 inch of rain-was glad to get it and hoping for more this afternoon. My flowers are looking kind of sad-July and August aren't my favorite garden months. We were in Seymour at my husband's sisters last night. They had over 6 inches of rain-they live on a hill so had no problems with flooding-I can't imagine that much rain in a 2 hour period! Her garden looks great-sent home green peppers, cucumbers and new potatoes with us. I have some zucchini that was given to me so will make some zucchini relish with the peppers-should have enough for two batches.

    Those are cute and healthy looking cats!

  4. Greetings from Fort Smith! Your roses are gorgeous -- I wish I had some of those growing in my garden. Enjoy!