Friday, July 30, 2010

Streamlining and ongoing project

Weather at 6 AM, 74°, 93% H and 72 dew-point. Hot and muggy is how I interpret those numbers!

I think I have mentioned here before that this year has really bothered me in lots of ways. I haven't enjoyed gardening as much; have neglected the flower beds badly; felt overwhelmed a good deal of the time. This has made me pause and reflect on my life. I do know the weather this year has been a contributing factor. We are all slaves to the weather if we garden or farm.

No one makes me do the things I do (as DH reminds me when I start complaining). So, I am beginning the slow process of analyzing my life.

I am a list maker........once it is in writing, I feel half the battle is won!

I don't know how much I will blog about the process, might just bore the bejabbers out of anyone but me or someone in my shoes. The first step will be listing what I love to do above all else. Things that bring me joy and don't feel like a chore that I 'have' to do. You all probably know by now that baking will be at the top of that list.

More to follow......or not.

There I feel better just having shared that much.

Right now we are very dry. I am watering the new garden and the HB bed and foundation beds.
All the flower beds (12) look pretty sad. I have let the weeds get way ahead of me. The biggest problem has been extreme heat and not enough rain during the entire month of June. Even though we had good rains in July, the hot weather evaporates it quickly. The Ozarks is know for its rocks and the soil doesn't hold moisture very long, it drains quickly.

I went out a 7 this morning and set up the sprinklers and picked beetles on a few roses and shrubs; less each day! Then I cleaned up and thinned the bed in front of the smokehouse that I will call the Vitex bed. I think this bed can be maintained very easily if I will just get it under heavy mulch this fall. I do want to lift and divide the huge clump of purple glads. The mainstays in this bed that are maintenance free are the Vitex and the large clump of white lilies. I will need to do some fill in with shorter, maybe white flowers. I am leaning toward vinca. Once they take off, they are good until frost and self seed for me.

Then I worked on clipping the monarda and rudbeckias by the porch. They should come back and bloom now; we will see. I rarely get this accomplished.

Weeded the Hummingbird Bed next. I will definitely keep this bed since I walk past it daily and see it out the kitchen window and when we are sitting on the porch swing. I do want to totally revamp it. I must work on a plan this fall and winter. I would like something in bloom all year.

Next I took the string trimmer to the Light Pole bed and trimmed around the generator. You are supposed to have good air flow around it. Perilla had overgrown it. This is the bed that is in doubt or in danger of loosing its life.
I am thinking just a narrow border, that can be mowed around with the riding mower with zero trimming. Another plan to work on this winter.

The rose of sharon are blooming in spite of all the JB's did to prevent it.
They don't bear close inspection but at a little distance are looking pretty.

From July 2010


My milk cow Willow calved yesterday afternoon. She calved 8/19 last year and 7/79 this year. This is her first bull calf for us. She is very protective and by the time I got the last shot she was leading him away from me to the west fence. The dark red heifer with them is Ginger, her last year's baby.

From Willow and other cows

From Willow and other cows


  1. First off, congrats on the new baby bull. He's darling.

    Second, I, too, make lists. Simple chore lists written down means that I've done some organizing in my head and honestly that's more than half the battle. And when I am feeling buried with everything, I shut down for a day or two, sit on the deck a lot and reevaluate goals. These little timeouts give me much needed perspective.

    Hope your list helps you sort out what's what. And yes, please blog about your progress. We learn how to cope from each other! :-D

    P.S. My confirmation word today is "HOTAND". LOL

  2. I hear you Glenda about rethinking garden beds. The heat has a lot to do with it for me too, plus our well just gave out, and for now I'll be watering with city water, and we don't know what that will cost until we get the next bill. I don't water grass, just flower beds and borders and containers.

    I love hearing your farm news, congrats on the new little bull. Have you named him yet? Ginger sure has grown in a year.

    Enjoy your life and don't work too hard.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. What a sweet little calf!

    I always enjoy reading your blog. It's one of my favorites, but I have so many I "follow" that I don't think I read all of anyone's posts. I am needing to set some priorities, too.

    I am about to get behind in my gardening, too, because using the muscles in my right side pulls on my neck muscles, and then my jaw hurts. I have an appointment in a couple weeks with a TMJ dentist, who also teaches dentistry at our university.

    Last August or September was when I tripped on our dog's leash and sprained my knee. Since we live where winter sets the garden back for awhile, I always look forward to a fresh start next spring. That's what I'm doing now, as I have to keep my jaw as relaxed as I can, and not stress about things.

    I like your ideas for making gardening simpler.