Monday, July 12, 2010

More Rain

4:00 AM, 70°

We got another inch of rain yesterday evening and during the night. No storms to speak of except lightening.

First I want to thank visitors for commenting. I always read them and appreciate your taking time to comment after visiting. I see a new one from Fort Smith, Arkansas commented. My husband used to travel to Fort Smith regularly on his route.
We drive down now and then just for old time's sake. Arkansas is a beautiful state.

I don't always respond to the comments but treasure them.


I don't do roses well. We have been hit with Rose Rosette Disease in my part of Missouri and I have lost several. I don't take care of any of them like is recommended.............except for the two I showed last post.

They have looked so sorry for so long that I sought help on the Rose Forum of Gardenweb. A man there told me they require acid soil, especially Reine des Violette. That explained the yellowy leaves! I decided then that surely I could take good care of just the two roses on that fence. They are side by side. I began feeding with an acid food, spraying with rose spray and in general paying attention to them. They are slowly coming around and rewarding me with these gorgeous and highly fragrant blooms. I have never had a second bloom before this year. They have some black spot but not as bad a previous years. I will persevere!


I failed to plant new basil and cilantro this spring. It may be very late but I plan to do it today. Usually basil self-seeds for me but only Queen of Siam did and I want the large leaf Italian variety for cooking. I had a couple of cilantro plants but they have gone to seed already. I hope to have some ready for salsa.


We are so relieved about the pastures now that we have had 4.25 inches of rain. Of course the fescue won't begin growing again until cooler weather of fall, but all the other grasses will.

We are trying a new hay man this year. He is young man from the area who has just graduated from high school and is selling hay for college. He is bringing two loads today for us to check out. We have already seen some at our neighbors and if it is the same quality, we will buy our winter supply from him. As with everything pertaining to farming, we are keeping our fingers crossed. We finally gave up on having our own hay cut. Trying to get our hay cut in a timely manner just got to be impossible.


We are babysitting our Grandcat, Louis. He is a senior citizen and as our daughter says, "has issues". One is he develops hairballs and leaves ensuing messes now and then....not a favorite chore of mine, but he is a sweet very large cat and follows me from room to room. He usually sleeps on a chair next to my desk chair and either on my lap or on the floor at my 'nest' in he kitchen. We decided to keep him off the carpet but he has free run of the rest of the house.

He does not like other cats. Our daughter took two of Willie's babies home with her for company for him and to replace him when his time is finished. He just barely tolerates them! Here he is sitting at an open window staring down at one of Willie's kittens (we will call them the kittens until they die of old age)on the porch. This was later followed with a low growl at it.

From Cats

It may be a long month!

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  1. I love reading your posts! I live in St. Louis and would love to live in the country. We try to mimic country life here in the big city by growing tomatoes, etc. and this year will try our hand at canning some jelly, pickles and tomatoes! Hope to see more posts on the canning process!