Thursday, July 1, 2010

Another Farm Tragedy - Miscellaneous gardening

I haven't quite figured out how to handle writing the posts on a different day from when I actually publish it. This was written yesterday,June 30.

The cooler weather is here and it is wonderful. It got down to 60° last night which means I can actually sit and enjoy my mornings without having to dash outside to beat the heat.


We have had another calf killed.

Our neighbor's son swears he saw the "rumored" mountain lion this week at sundown. I believe him. Another neighbor says he has seen it before and had calves killed. I also know we have a resident very large bobcat. I have been in contact with the University Livestock specialist who was not in her office........they never are. She will get back to me (I hope). This is mainly research on what kind of guard animal would work better, donkeys or llamas. We will see.

In the meantime, I have contacted and sent pictures of both kills to Missouri Department of Conservation who will have their biologist take a look. She is leaning toward the bobcat. I didn't realize they could bring down a calf!

Always exciting....but not good excitement. We have now lost two calves and our favored indoor/outdoor cat; all killed by predators.


I decided to begin some more trimming and cleanup of the flower beds. I just finished with the Light Pole bed and was pleased to see a row of melampodiums has reseeded and are beginning to bloom. I soaked the bed pretty good yesterday so weeding wasn't too bad along the edges.

We had to empty the beetle traps again. We are now up to 8 gallons of the blasted things removed.

When DH got in from checking the cattle (all safe today) he wanted to to buy his mother a birthday cake and take in. Today is her actual birthday that we had celebrated on Father's Day. So, we cleaned up and bought her a cake at our local store and went in. She was very pleased. I am glad he thought to do it. I was just going to call...this was much better. We shared a slice and a cup of coffee with them. She is a remarkable lady at 92, driving them everywhere and keeping track of her and her husbands many doctor appointments and medications....we should all be doing so well at that age!

Then we drove to a small town east where they have an Amish store. I was out of Prairie Gold flour and I do think it makes a superior loaf of bread. I bought a 25 pound bag this time, plus yeast, 7-grain mix, bulk pectin which was a terrific savings and a few other items.


I did shred up and put down into a crock jar 6 lbs of sauerkraut. I will let you know how it turns out.

Today: July 1, 2010 11:15 AM.

The cooler weather lasts. I was almost too chilly outside this morning. I love it.

Finished some trimming, including the front ditch that I said I would do anymore. It looked so bad with the tall weeds that I had to use the string trimmer. I used to be able to mow most of it. Thank you Greene Co. Road and Bridge!

Picked a small mess of green beans and a few hot peppers and another 10 or so plums. I found the beetles on the remaining peaches and the blackberries...there seems to be no end in sight.

Pictures for the day

The heat and lack of rain certainly haven't enhanced my flowers but I took this in the very early morning light after watering yesterday. Bless echinacea; they can take this heat.

From Driveway Border

I decided to mow through here for a path that goes all the way west to the chicken house. I should have moved the rocks to the left first!


  1. Oh Glenda ~ I'm so sorry you've lost another calf and that you also lost your favorite kitty.

    Llamas make good pets too. I didn't know they would be a great guard animal, that's neat.

    Yikes, 8 gallons of beetles. UGH.

    Your gardens look lovely and colorful as always.

    Sauerkraut, harvesting fruits and veggies, making bread. You are such an inspiration.

    Love and hugs dear one ~ FlowerLady

  2. So sad to lose animals-sorry about another calf. Hope you can figure out something soon.

    I told my daughter when we were deadheading in the garden the other evening about what a bright spot of color the purple coneflowers make. I have White Swan which is really pretty but it hasn't seeded back like the purple ones. Maybe because I keep moving it. My melampodiums have played out-none this year. Need to start some from seed next year as I really like them for edging.

    Enjoy the cooler weather while it lasts.

  3. Glad you are enjoying some cool temps for a bit. Again, on in the high 40s this morning. Probably the last cool day (79) for a while. Bad luck about the calf. Would a farm dog help there?