Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Peaches, weeding, and tomato cages

I am still waiting for the cool down!
Out at 6AM:

First thing I did this morning was check the beetle traps, only one was completely filled and overflowing. I am thinking they hold a gallon of bugs. We emptied that one and left the others to catch even more.

New Garden Plot
I planted 2 rows of Cherokee Purple Pole beans and one of Kentucky Wonder Pole beans.
I planted the seed by pushing a few down at the base of a stalk of the OP corn. I had let the corn get over 12 inches tall first. Should be very interesting to see how this works.

Field corn is much sturdier and taller than regular sweet corn which can barely support a bean vine....I have tried that before I found out they are referring to open pollinated heirloom corn when they talk about using them for pole beans.

The next work there will be tilling again. I think it will be good training ground for DH who has never run a tiller in his life! Nice wide rows where he can make turns easily and also deep soil. Should be interesting.

Backyard Garden:
We propped up another two limbs on the overloaded peach tree. They still aren't growing much. I laid the hose on the ground under it and just let it run for a while this morning.

I hoed out the row between the sweet corn and the pepper plants. I was afraid to use the tiller.

DH helped me and we made 6 tomato cages with woven wire fencing.. I need 4 in the new plot and will use the other two in the backyard garden. I decided to just let the volunteer bed of tomatoes stay on the ground. I was able to weed them and place flakes of hay around the base. I will probably loose a lot but will risk it.

I could pick a dinner of pole beans and should; maybe later this evening. I think they are going to be a hybrid of the Ky. Wonders and my flat bean Kwintus. I grew them next to each other last year before I knew they would cross.

Inside Work

I brought the peaches in from the Milk Parlor. I had pulled them early to save them from the JB's. I was pretty pleased with how they worked up. I froze 6 full quart bags and we had a dish for lunch. They were very tasty. I don't think they are Red Havens though....they didn't seem to be freestone. It is a mistake to buy from small tree nurseries or the big box stores; you never know what you will end up with!

After lunch finished up the plum jam I had cooked down. I didn't use pectin so I wanted to be sure it would be thick enough and let it sit 24 hours on the stove.
I thought it should be a little thicker so I cooked it another 4 minutes and then bottled 4 jars. I love the tart/sweet flavor.

The next project for tomorrow will be to try the sauerkraut...........after I get DH going on the tiller.

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