Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday - Bouquet - Day of Semi-Rest

It is a very hot and humid day. I made an executive decision to do very little to day! Yesterday was too much and even though there is much gardening to be done, I shall not do it.....

Nell, did a blog about bouquets a few days ago and it reminded me that I should pick one here is this Sunday's offering.

From Bouquets

I processed the rest of the apricots I had in the house, froze 9 quarts and then made a cobbler. Mom loved them so much but never had fresh ones; she bought the large cans and made the most delicious cobblers. She also did that with canned blue plums.

I had never made one before but it was pretty much like any cobbler except it doesn't require as much flour for thickening.

The flower beds have been neglected for a few weeks because of cherries and apricots and strawberries so I will have to begin cleaning them of tall weeds tomorrow.

Until then, I rest.


  1. Heaven knows you've earned a day off! :-D Enjoy ...

  2. Dear Glenda ~ I made a similar decision as you and was back inside at 9 a.m. It was just too hot and humid outside to work anymore.

    I love your bouquet. I need to get into the habit of picking a bouquet.

    How wonderful that you have your own apricots, cherries and strawberries. I bet that cobbler is delicious!!!

    Enjoy your relaxed Sunday.


  3. Pretty bouquet-I love pretty flowers mixed together. I had some purple coneflowers that had seeded in front of a daylily. I pulled them up and threw them on the cart; then thought, wait a minute. I cut the blooms off, put them in a metal watering can and put them on the patio porch-that was a few days ago and they still look pretty. Guess I should go check since it has been 91 degrees and very humid today!!