Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lost Day /New Day Begins- Poppies

A very warm morning here at 72°. That doesn't bode well for the day.

I had a totally lost day yesterday. Here is something that I have thought for a while now. When I take Ibuprofen for a few days for pain, I slowly become depressed. I finally wake up one morning in a total 'blue funk' (my sis's term). I find I am very angry and just down in general. It takes a good 24 hours for it to ease up. I did some research online and find I am not alone. I will not be taking it again for anything! I would rather put up with the pain. I feel almost normal this morning..............

the somniferums are starting to bloom. They are scattered here and there wherever the winds or birds carried them. I don't think I have quite as many; the perilla won that self-seeding battle!

These so far are all in The New Bed where I just didn't get around to keeping it clean so let all things except some weeds grow on. It is filled with perilla, poppies, salvias and dill. When the poppies are done, I have plans to get in there and try to get some control!

On Thursday of last week, I planted blackeyed peas, sweet corn, and the hoophouse of Kwintus pole beans. While company was here I didn't even get close to the garden so I was very surprised yesterday morning to see all were up a couple of inches. That is just 5 days and without even watering. I was happy to see the sweet corn because it wasn't new seed and sometimes that is a little iffy. I did water yesterday afternoon. We are getting pretty dry again.

I planted another row of tomatoes on my lost day (wasn't totally lost, just felt like it).

I am loosing the battle with fireblight. It is very frustrating, but all I can do is prune off and wait. I think I will loose the pear trees, not sure yet about the apple tree.

Plans for today:

Pick strawberries
Till on new plot to ready for my Beauregard sweet potato plants and OP corn.

Things still needing done:

Plant sweet potatoes
Plant op corn
plant cucumbers (no volunteers this year)
plant melons and squashes

and any other seeds that I find in my box of seeds.


  1. So glad you are not feeling funky now. I had no idea ibuprofen could do that and hope that you are able to take something else for pain.

    Those poppies are quite pretty, all ruffly. Sounds like you're making good headway on the garden crops now that things have dried out some for you. Sounds like you are overworking yourself, though. But I know - we just can't stop ourselves this time of year. LOL

  2. I'd like some of those poppies to see themselves around my garden. I should look into trying them. Do the plants die back when they are finished blooming?

    I'm glad you are getting out of your funk.