Thursday, June 10, 2010

It is a very warm and muggy morning here. At 4 AM, 70°, 93% humidity. It isn't supposed to be quite as hot today as yesterday.

I am enjoying a slice of the new whole wheat bread with strawberry jam with my coffee. We think it is a good bread.

I forgot to add the dough would give it even more rise.

Our little shower yesterday was just that, little. More is promised Friday.

I will be watering again today.

The New Bed, now known as the neglected wild bed, is full of miscellaneous poppies, all somniferums.

From Gardening 2010

and the hydrangea, Endless Summer, saved herself by finally blooming nicely. Only one bloom as a touch of blue...tells me we have limey soil which I already knew.

The first thing we do each morning is turn out the chickens. They come bursting out of the chicken house they are so anxious to be outside.


  1. Wish I could send you some of my rain, Glenda. 6" last week and another inch yesterday. I just cannot keep up with the grass. Your poppies are pretty and wish I could share a slice of that bread and jam! :-D

  2. Love that rooster strutting his stuff. Pretty flower photos and your bread looks really good-sliced nicely. I don't bake much as we are both diabetics and I haven't found many good sugar free or low carb recipes or lower fat-it is a pain. My doctor wants me to stay around 60 carbs per meal-they add up fast! I did make an Almost Rhubarb Pie today-I posted it on my blog.