Saturday, June 5, 2010

House Bound - Cherry Pie- Heifers-Cats

Two posts in one day! That is because I am basically housebound. It is 92° with high humidity outside and I do not work in those conditions.

This morning I processed the cherries that DH picked. I ended up with 5 packages (5 cups each) to freeze and enough to make him a pie.


While doing my walk-about of the yard in the very early morning light, the heifers came up to the fence of the west yard and I couldn't resist taking some pictures.

As you can see this pasture hasn't been clipped and they are over belly deep and staying fat on grass.

The spotted lovely is my Milk Cow's 2008 daughter. She is a pure blood Milking Shorthorn. Her name is Annabelle.
All these girls should calve later this year. They are bred to a Black Angus bull.

We lost Willie last week, but we still have part of her litter. Our daughter has the other two.
From Kittens


  1. I am SO not showing that picture of your pie to Hubs!

    Heifers and Cats. Great combo. When I was little and lived on a farm, our cats always used to hang out in the milking barn. Mom milked by hand and once when I was in there with her (which was very rare), I saw her squirt milk right from the cow to the cat's mouth! There was a lot of.... ummmmm... overspray. We must've been getting lots of milk in those days because I can't imagine Mom being so wasteful with it otherwise. The cats would've gotten a lot more good out of it had she just put some in a bowl. Funny how sometimes we don't respect that which we have plenty of.

    Nice bunch of cats, Willie's legacy. I bet they're great mousers.

  2. What a beautiful pie! Yummy looking as well. You must be a great cook; all your breads, etc all look so good. tfs