Monday, June 14, 2010


Another cool,cloudy,rainy day. We have a chance of heavier rains which I hope we get. Right now just a shower every few minutes.

Well, my Sunday day of rest didn't turn out quite like I planned. Does it ever?

After my walk-about checking for Japanese Beetles (none so far), I came to find my Aunt had left a message that the deadline to remove vases, etc. from the cemetery was today and she wanted to do it yesterday (my Sunday day of rest). She lives very close to the cemetery and we are about 40 minutes north. Lots of years I have let her pick up mine, but she is older and the heat really bothers her and I thought it was time I began doing it for her! So, we headed south. It was actually nice to get out of the house and I do love visiting the cemetery. Crazy I know, but in doing my genealogical research I realized I am kin to most of the people buried in the cemetery and my GGG grandfather donated the land for it and it is named after my mother's people, McConnell. We picked up lunch on the way and ate in the shade of a large tree at the cemetery before picking things up. Of course that meant a visit a little further south to my Aunt's. Bless her she is becoming more eccentric as the years go by and she was pretty eccentric to begin with. She will not turn on her AC unit and the place was like an oven, not even a fan blowing the hot air around. I took her a bag of that days apricots. She called later to say she had a dish for supper and that she had never tasted them before. She really enjoyed them.

I guess most people don't even do Memorial Day decorating anymore, but it is still very much a country thing and my family is big on it. Mother was so worried that no one would decorate the graves once she was gone. I am the only (willing) relative living here now so I do it. Somehow it makes me feel good knowing I am pleasing Mother.


I usually just love self-seeding things but sometimes the colors just do clash! Here is a good example. I probably should move the daylily but knowing me won't get around to it.

From June 2010

This week will begin THE GREAT GARDEN CLEANUP. I have let things go for so long, I now have small tree size weeds to get rid of.

Here is a start on the Driveway Border.

From June 2010

more to follow..........

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  1. We do the cemetery thing each year as well. We go to two cemeteries; one where my people are and the other where my husbands people are buried and put flowers on several graves. My husband's sister and her husband come down from Seymour and we do the one together and then usually have a meal together at our house.

    The flowers do clash but in a good way-both are pretty so I would probably let them be.

    Worked outside this morning and just about got to hot-doesn't take much to do me in anymore! With all the rain I just get one bed cleaned and by the time I do the others the first one is ready again. But I do love the flowers so it is worth it!