Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I slept in this morning. It was almost 5:30 AM when I got up. Another cool, drizzly morning. Still no significant rain. They say our chances are gone for the week and it will be hot! 72°, overcast.

I love sitting by the open window. The cats are on the porch so I had to step out and feed them. Cat-like, they sniffed at it and then walked off. I hope the eat it soon or the Jays will be free-loading again today.

The grass finally dried yesterday afternoon so I took advantage and mowed everything but the garden area.

I picked up another bag of apricots. This time I decided to go ahead and make a batch of jam instead of waiting for fall. The recipe calls for 5 cups of crushed fruit. I had another 4 cups I froze. There won't be many left now. The tree is almost bare. I noticed the leaves were drooping yesterday. I hope just due to the heat.

From Food

When DH got a loaf of bread out of the freezer this morning and I saw it next to the jam, I thought "breakfast!".

Continued from yesterday:

A cool morning today, just 68°. Heat wave is predicted this week with no rain in sight. The water hoses will be in action....again.

In Bloom:

The rudbeckias are in full glory; heliopsis, some early daylilies, the other lilies are ending their peak, still a trumpet lily to go; salvias still looking good, shastas in bloom (got way too tall this year), gaillardias, feverfew, a new red (really, really deep red) cosmos, poppies are finished and the persicaria polymorpha is not prime now; there are still a few clematis, especially Huldine which blooms a very long time for me.
From June 2010
I almost forgot hydrangea Annabelle, probably my favorite shrub,
From June 2010

I am heading outside early this morning to do some tilling before the hot sun is out.


  1. Glenda I love your jars of apricot jam. How wonderful they look next to that loaf of your homemade bread. I want to try making some freezer jam. Have you ever done that?

    Do you use a riding lawnmower? I mowed yesterday, and this morning DH did the weed wacking for me while I did some weeding and planint. I've been having trouble with cramping muscles right side/back shoulder blade and rib cage area, so I'm taking it easier and asking for more help. I love gardening and having to ask for help is hard to do.

    Your blooms are lovely as always. What a full hydrangea shrub. It really is pretty. They do not like our heat and humidity or I would grow some here.

    Don't work too hard outside. It's horrible here once again. It's 90 and feels like it's 106.


  2. Flowerlady, yes, I have a riding mower. It is zero turning radius and cut my mowing time in half! As it is it takes about 1.5 hours to do the yard and then more time for the two garden perimeters.

    I do use a string trimmer and so far that hasn't hurt me. I still have hip problems if I am on my feet too long.

    I have never made freezer jam but know others who do and they love it.

    I came in by 10 AM. It is 94 here today.

  3. Ah, Glenda. I envy you your zero turn riding mower. I'll bet it's got a nice wide deck too so you can really cut a swath. I have a used 20-year-old Snapper mower with pretty much a 'no turn' radius. LOL And it's only got a 28" deck. Mowing takes me almost 3.5 hours with all my lawns. And this year it seems I'm living on it, having to mow every 4-5 days as the grass seems to be on steroids what with all a the rain.

    Love the pic of the apricot bread and jam. Your posts have made me start considering if I should get a few dwarf fruit trees and berry shrubs. I've got a lot of space in the middle of the ring bed. Hmmm. (See, there I go, thinking again. I'm sure to get into trouble. LOL