Thursday, July 22, 2010


90° and 99 heat index. We got just enough of a shower yesterday to wash my spray off! I mowed the front and noticed JB's back on the Diane Rose of Sharon. I refuse to spend another $25 for spray. I have probably already used $100 of spray and still have the blasted things. I think I will just let them go at this point.

I kept waiting for the neighbor to call and tell us to come and look at their llamas but decided we had a misunderstanding about that so we drove over this morning.
They were waiting on us! We looked and selected a 5-year old female that seemed to be slightly aggressive. At least she flattened her ears if we got too close to her.
He didn't have any males available. He will wait until they come in for water this evening and get her up in the corral and either call us or he will bring her over in his trailer. We are anxious to get her with the cows asap. It has been about 10 days now since the last incident.

We returned the camera yesterday but it turns out it is the same model as the neighbor's. I still think ours was malfunctioning. We haven't looked at any in town yet.

I picked part of the pole beans yesterday and processed 6 quarts before I stopped to spray for the beetles....need to pick the rest because the Pinkeye Purple Hull peas are getting purple and I need to begin picking them.

The Oklahoma Forum posted a link to a jelly made from the hulls that I think I will try.

I made DH some of his favorite Peanut Butter Crisscross Cookies this afternoon and that finished me for the day!

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  1. Good grief, Glenda. Just reading about all the things you get done in a day just plumb wears me out. Good news about the llama and I'm looking forward to seeing just what kind of jelly you can make with hulls...who knew?

    I hope for all of us sakes that this blasted heat breaks soon.