Thursday, August 12, 2010

Errand Day - Butterflies - One Hyacinth Bean Vine

Another very hot and dry day. The part of the yard in full sun is now a gray brown color.

This was errand day, not my favorite way to spend a morning. I wanted to can tomatoes first and then go; DH wanted to go first. He won. So I ended up finishing the rest of the tomatoes at 3PM this afternoon while he rested and read.....

I think we made 4 different stops. I was trying to get together the ingredients for a DIY ear medicine for the dog. Turns out I could have bought all of them at the pharmacy at Wal Mart! I had to go there anyway for canning jars.

I stopped by our largest greenhouse and nursery hoping I could find cilantro and Italian basil plants but ended up buying seeds instead. I will plant them in pots under the back porch lights tomorrow.

Then our lovely little local grocery for on sale butter for $l.00 a lb. I now have 8 pounds in the freezer.


I decided to try a very overripe banana on a tree stump and see what it would draw. I sliced in in half and put it in the hummingbird bed where I can see out the kitchen window. Yesterday, there was not much activity, but today three differents ones were positively glued to it accompanied by flies and wasps!

From August 2010
From August 2010
I am now calling the stump "The Banana Bar".

I had one single purple hyacinth bean seed this year and it has grown into a 15-foot long beauty. I do hope it has viable seeds this year. It got frosted on too soon last year.
From August 2010
From August 2010


  1. Wow, have you watered that bean vine? Looks really lush and I love them. Want to plant some next year if I can locate my seed-I think I have some just didn't find them this spring. They give some nice color when there isn't a lot else blooming. Like your banana bar-neat idea.

    Missed the rain again over our house-just a very light shower but in town (4 miles) they seem to be getting rain. When I came out of Wal-Mart this afternoon it was lightening and thundering off to the northeast-seems to be a regular pattern. Maybe our time will come-soon I hope. Wal-Mart has their remodel grand opening in the morning. I wasn't going to go but my daughter was just here and they are having drawings for two $100 gift certificates and a laptop computer so guess I will go in and put my name in the pot.

    Take care and I hope you get some good reports soon. Bev J.

  2. I sowed a whole pack (8) hyacinth beans this spring but not a one sprouted. I can't believe I paid almost $3 for 8 seeds -- and then not one plant! Your vine is astonishing! Wow.

    How is the new bull settling in?

  3. That hyacinth bean is sure pretty. Paula sent me some seed for white hyacinth bean and it has (so far) survived the transplant to the new place. But transplanting stalls growth and this infernal heat has not helped. So no flowers yet. I hope for plentiful seed as I like to trade seed with folks. I didn't even plant the purple hyacinth bean because I didn't have room at the other house when it was time to plant.

    Your pictures are always so good. Hugs!