Friday, August 13, 2010

Willow and her babies

Weather the same.

Overdid it yesterday so will be taking it easy and reading in my nest in the kitchen today.

I put a chicken in to roast using the very hot oven method. Hopefully it will cook quickly and we can cool off the kitchen. I had planned on doing it early this morning........forgot!

Propane truck is here filling our l000 gallon tank to the tune of 1.499 a gallon; probably will take 700 gallons or more. They want us to book it for the winter at l.649, price goes down, we are the looser. Dh made the decision to just buy it when we needed it and not prebook.This should last us about 6 months.

I took some pictures yesterday of Willow, my cow, with her three babies. Not a lot of cows will accept calves. We think she is just the best! I am not going to try to milk her until I know for sure about my hands and wrists.

From Cattle and other animals
Here they are a little closer so you can see there are actually three. Right after this, I moved her baby (the smaller redder one) to the other side.
From Cattle and other animals

When they start getting full, they stop and watch me more than they nurse. I have now moved the larger one outside to be sure the two smaller ones get their fair share.

From Cattle and other animals

I added some almost rotted peaches to the bar yesterday evening and was delighted to draw some new ones.

From August 2010
From August 2010


  1. Willow is a pretty cow and looks like a good mother. Cute calves-all babies are cute aren't they-from humans to animals?

    Pretty butterflie photos. Bev J.

  2. Hello gld,

    Thank you for your very lovely post to me. I really appreciate it.
    I love your farmstead. It is beautiful and I wish I was closer, I'd snatch a little raw milk and a little cream from you.
    Do not feel bad about up's and down's its more down here also, but you have to keep at it, (in the movie "Finding Nemo" just keep swimming, just keep swimming*
    I live a somewhat reclusive life, I visit Flower Lady's blog daily, and just love her tropical paradise, her flowers and cottage got me through a very cold and brutal winter last year, and her photos really helped me, I think that those of us who are zone's 5 and up enjoy her site and blog. Flower Lady sounds like a very gentle and soft soul.
    Got the tomatoes done Sunday, and I just about colapsed from the standing. But I love to can, I just sometimes bite off more than my back can stand in one day. But it is done for now, and then the next batch.
    I do a lot of dehydrating also, I have 2 Nesco dehydrators and I am thinking of getting a 3rd. I make quite a bit of soup and stew base, and boullion, I am somewhat addicted to the dehydrator. They are fun.
    Anyway, thank you again, and I will visit several times a week to see what you are up to, love your photos also.

    Denimflyz in Nebraska