Friday, August 6, 2010

Milking Again - New Apron - New Sandwich - Plans for the Day

I woke up this morning with less pain and swelling in my hands and wrists! That is after stopping the Aleve! I just took a double strength aspirin and l pain pill before going to bed. I am a little encouraged.

Quick health update: I did the fasting blood tests yesterday and the reports were all marked 'excellent results'. Heart and lungs looked great. BP a little high, probably due to pain and visiting the doctor! I will still see a rheumatologist but am hoping this may be something other than rheumatoid arthritis.

End of senior health issues.....

I am an apron wearer! Daily. All my aprons were worn to threads and stained horribly from canning. My MIL had given me a piece of denim that she has had forever. A few days ago I cut out two of my favorite style. They are a working apron, not a cutesy or vintage style. It think it may be a butcher's apron with a bib and pockets. I have just sewn one; you can make it in a couple of hours. The denim is a little heavy but will be super for gardening. I keep my keys, knife,hand pruners, seed packets, and little bits of trash that I pick up in the pockets when gardening.
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and this is their hanging place on the back porch right by the outside door and the door into the kitchen; keys hang on other hook(not in picture) and little box on mirror hold my knife.
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I was tired after the trip to town and the lab so I wanted something tasty for lunch but not much work. We love Philly Steak Sandwiches but all I had was hamburger. So, I developed a Philly Ground Steak Sandwich. I mixed a handful of whole wheat bread crumbs, salt and pepper and l egg in with the ground beef. Then I made oblong patties the shape of the homemade 7-Grain bread that I had baked in a round on the baking stone. I tried to make the patty the same size.
Cooked said patties in my favorite very long electric skillet. When enough fat had cooked out (not much in our home raised beef) I sauteed onions and peppers from the garden in one end. When they were done, I removed them to a bowl and added our bread slices to the skillet and browned both sides. Just before they were finished I added slices of white American cheese to the top of the patties and let it melt. We didn't use any dressing at all. Just layered the meat on the bread and topped it with the sauteed onions and peppers. I served my favorite Granny Cantrell tomato slices on the side. Yes, forgive me, I used paper plates. We thought they were just as good as the thin slices of steak.
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Plans for the Day

1. Milk Cow Chore ( may try the third calf on Willow)
2. Work over the kitchen garden; pick corn, okra and peas
3. Process corn, okra and shell peas (freeze hulls for later jelly)
4. Might do some mowing; might not


  1. Hmmm, I left a comment yesterday but it seems to have gotten lost. Anyway, that is a dandy apron, Glenda. Denim should wear like iron. Do you add any loops for your clippers, or do you just put them in the pouch? You are so clever.

    Glad your hands are settling down. :-D

  2. I don't wear aprons but see that denim one working for me-nice job.

    Love your updated version of your philly sandwich-looks yummy.

    Hope your hands continue to improve.

  3. Love the apron! I have one a lot like it that is my favorite but yours is better. I may have to drag out the sewing machine! I used to stain so many clothes but have since learned to love my denim apron and use it all the time.

    The sandwich looks delicious!


  4. I'm glad to see your hands are getting better. Nice jobs on the apron and sandwich!