Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Caterpillar on 4 O'Clocks - Hybrid Perpetuals-

I have taken a little hiatus from my online journal. We had company over the weekend and the pre-visit cleaning and then the visit takes care of my computer time.

We are very dry here but are having a lovely little cool-down in temperatures.

I made a slow tour around the house and kitchen garden, a first for about 5 days now. I set the sprinkler to water the beds and shrubs in front of the house.
I thought the 4 O'Clocks looked a bit ragged and saw that there were 4 large caterpillars chomping away. I have no idea what they are and have left them in place .... for now.
From August 2010
They weren't in my butterfly book.

I picked a small basket of grape tomatoes out of the kitchen garden. I hope to make some tomato preserves/jam later today. The sweetest by far are the Sungolds. I love those tiny gems.

DH tried to talk me out of it, but I brought in the San Marzanos that we picked last week to make a couple of batches of ketchup. He doesn't think I should stand on my feet that long (been having hip troubles on top of the hand thing). I told him most of the time involved is just stirring now and then. I think this is the day to try out the crockpot method.

I haven't been back to the new garden....will ride the mower back there if I need to check it today.

I have been really pleased with my two hybrid perpetual heirloom roses this year. I have been feeding them an acid supplement but haven't watered them much at all and they have bloomed pretty much all summer, not many blooms but enough to please me. They have also been pretty free of disease. I did use a systemic very early in the season. I was almost ready to dig them up until a rose man from the Gardenweb Rose Forum told me what they needed....high acid conditions. I think the foliage is the right color now.
The first is Reines des Violette.
From August
and the next is Baronne Prevost.
From August 2010

Endless Summer hydrangea has put out a few new blooms in all this heat; I am amazed by that.
From August 2010
They are much smaller, but nice anyway.

I almost forgot my Aloha rose. I think these are the only Japanese Beetle free blooms this summer. I found some beetles again this morning; I don't think they are ever going to die!
From August 2010

Good news! DH just got back with the correct part for the toilet....and the onions for the ketchup.

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful! My hydrangeas had few blooms this year due to the heat and too much rain.