Sunday, October 3, 2010


We are having flannel shirt weather and tonight is supposed to be downright cold!

It is great working outside weather.

I made the first butter I have made in over 30 years yesterday. I had almost a quart of cream and made ll.5 oz. of butter in Mom's trusty old KA mixer. Working the butter, salting ... it all came back to me.
From Making Butter
From Making Butter

This my morning to I will begin saving cream again. She may be able to keep us in butter now too!

Plans for today:

Plant the mums
work more on the kitchen garden
Plant some greens (lettuces and spinach)

Thoughts on the flower beds:

What is still looking good with no work at all:

Salvia farinaceas : I have blues and white, taller and shorter
Salvia spendens: I have three different varieties
Melampodium: Just one plant - want more next year for edging
Vinca: Some I planted and some self-seeded

I discovered another rebloom in Iris 'Immortality'


  1. I'll bet that butter just melts in your mouth! Some of that slathered on your homemade bread, warm from the that's living!

    I'd like to have some reblooming iris in the gardens. Next year I may have to do a little online shopping... Enjoy your Sunday. *hugs*

  2. Oh Glenda ~ How exciting to be making your own butter.

    Your weather sounds so fall like. Ours is still summery, at 10:30, it's 81 and feels like it is 85. It is supposed to be cooler in the next couple of weeks. We are ready.

    Vincas are such 'easy' flowers to grow. Self seeders that need little care. I am starting to appreciate them more and more.

    Your iris is lovely.

    Have a nice day and a great week ~ FlowerLady

  3. Yum-O, Glenda! Wish I was there! Hugs, Ilene

  4. What, you didn't use a churn? LOL

    You'll enjoy that wonderful butter! I bought some cheese from the farmers' market that was made by the people who own the cows that gave the milk.

    I haven't been making it outside much, but am longing to. I need to see if my immortality is blooming again. I had one stem come up this summer, but last fall, I think I had some, too.