Monday, October 11, 2010

Question about DIY laundry detergent - fungi - bread day - miscellaneous

We are cool and cloudy this morning and have a chance of light rains. We hope they are right; we are very dry now.

When we made the mower run to Bolivar, I took the camera. This group of sumac with its burgundy fall coloring appealed to me. I love fall.
From October 2010
The country road crew is spreading gravel on our road in preparation (we hope) for paving. I have shut all doors and windows because it creates horrible white dust in the air.

I am making our old standby by bread, Honey, Oat and Wheat Bread. I miss that nutty flavor...and I feel almost guilty if I eat too much white bread. While it is raising I have done a little housework and now am sitting in my favorite the computer.


I have made a dry form and a liquid form but we didn't think it got the clothes clean. Now I say we in this sense: My husband is my laundry man...and does a much better job than I. He worked in a commercial laundry for years and managed the laundry for the company when they had the contract at Fort Leonard Wood. He can get stains out of anything. I defer to him in all things laundry.

Have you all used it for a long time and are you happy with the results? What recipes do you use? I might try it again. I do hate to give almost $13 for that box of Tide on a regular basis. We do get our clothes dirtier than most. Think "farm", cows........


From October 2010
These things have sprung up this week. All are under the drying Elm tree where we found morels a couple of years ago. I don't recognize them at all.

Do any of you?


this time of year, the roses get larger and the color better. This leads me to believe they really like cooler weather like spring and fall here than our miserable summers.

This is an heirloom rose originally from my Dad's mother (I almost hate to call her Grandmother....another story altogether). I did some research and am quite sure it is Aloha.
From October 2010
From October 2010

Report on Maslin pan:

I worked up over two pecks of Golden Delicious apples yesterday and the pan still wasn't quite full. I canned 10 pints of chunky applesauce. I got tired and decided if we wanted smooth, I would run it through the Cuisinart before serving.

Still wondering how I canned all these years without this wonderful pan. BTW, I see a very slight indentation on one side that I guess they call a pouring spout...not much of a spout. Ilene, check yours and see if it has one....mine might just be a flaw in the pan.


  1. Glenda, I'll look at the pan when I get it. Should be any day now.
    I haven't been all that impressed with the laundry detergent recipe I made for the last two batches. Been having better luck with it when doubling the amount used, and putting a cup of distilled vinegar in the final rinse. But soon I'll need to make some more so I got the one off Chickens In The Road. It calls for more bar soap. I don't think the dry mixes would work because the grated soap bar never distributes evenly. Tends to sink to the bottom even when whirred in the food processor.

    Girl, don't be eating those mushrooms until you have proof positive that you know what they are!! I read a story somewhere about this guy and his friend who liked to hunt wild mushrooms. They always fed the first batch to the cat, then they'd serve themselves if the cat didn't drop dead. This time, after they'd eaten, they discovered the cat in a comatose state. Rushed off to the hospital to get their stomachs pumped. Got home and the cat was fine. Serves them right for using that poor cat like that, I say. LOL

  2. I won't even be tempted to eat them! I wouldn't eat the morels until my neighbor girl had some......she is the morel expert.

    I was just curious because the last issue of Missouri Conservation magazine ran a piece on fall fungi/mushrooms and I couldn't find any, poisonous or not, that looked like these.

  3. That's a nice shot of the sumac - what a wonderful color. Yes, Fall is just beautiful. Good luck with your laundry detergent formula.

    Meanwhile, I've updated some side blogs, Glenda. Don't miss all the action! :-D

  4. I enjoyed that article on the mushrooms-have never seen any pretty ones like those chicken ones.

    Trees/bushes will probably be peak by the weekend if not before around here. I like the photo I took and used for my header on my blog-prettiest colors of sassafrass I have seen. I have a beautiful maple tree in the back yard I need to get a pic of as they lose their leaves fast.

    Beautiful roses.