Friday, October 8, 2010

maslin pan - raisin pie -Indoor Project-

We are having a much warmer day today.

I completed an indoor project I have been dreading for some time. I added two coats of poly floor coating to the kitchen floor. It is very old yellow pine flooring that we uncovered under several layers of newspapers, tarpaper and linoleum when we moved in. We had the floors professionally refinished but the area in front of the sink (where I spend about half my time) was worn off. I had to do it half at a time because of furniture and we wanted some access. I finished the last half last evening. I am pretty pleased with it and it has no odor and dries very quickly.
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Now I have started some serious fall housecleaning beginning with the back porch which can truly be called a mudroom! It needs to be repainted....may not go that far.

Right in the middle of the back porch cleaning this morning....the lawnmower reared its ugly head once again. Everything stopped; we had to use the come-along to get it up on the trailer and off to Bolivar once again. I mowed with it yesterday in the kitchen garden and it worked better than ever in some very tall grass. I pulled it back out in the yard and that evening it wouldn't start. We neither understand the mysteries of machinery beyond replacing the spark plug and keeping them filled with oil and gas.

Now that we are back, I feel the need of a rest before I retackle the back porch.

The report is in: I love it! A peck of apples peeled and chunked barely half filled it. I could easily have done two pecks at one time and thus filled the canner. As it was, I did 5 pints of sauce using some apple cider to give more flavor. I thought the apples this year were not the tastiest.
The sauce is temporarily stored in the pantry...will move out with other canned goods when I am finished.

Tip: Be careful not to splash the cider or juice or sugar water up on the high sides of the will turn dark. It didn't affect the end product, but I will not splash liquid like that again. It cooked rapidly with the lid on and I had no scorching problems but did stir often.

I did manage to make myself a raisin pie yesterday and DH the orange cake on Mennonite Girls Can Cook. We didn't care for the cake and I wish I had just done Ilene's Hot Milk Sponge Cake again. I loved the pie....DH won't touch it so the rest is going in the freezer today.
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  1. Oh, Glenda, raisin pie is one of my favorite pies. I never make them but when out to a reunion dinner or such, will surely try to get a piece. Don't dare have any in the house, DH doesn't care for it and I would eat the whole thing before I got around to freezing any. Grin

    Bet your floor looks really nice-you are sure a worker bee!

  2. Great job on that floor! Looks professionally done. In fact, BETTER than the last guy we paid to refinish the floors at the Ponca house!

    I can't wait to get my Maslin pan..... Should be any day now....

    Hugs, Ilene

  3. Glenda,
    Your floor, applesauce, and pie look awesome! I'm wondering if you ever sleep.

  4. Nice job on the floor, Glenda. Do you keep a rug in front of the sink for floor protection as well as cushioning your feet/back? I buy those carpet samples at a discount house and when they get too stained, I just replace them for like a buck.

    I'm getting my place to move back inside too. I don't Spring clean at all. But after a summer of gardening, the house gets pretttttty scrungy and every Fall it needs to be made livable for the next 6 months. LOL (And, somewhere is all this is the comfy chair just waiting to be visited more regularly! ;-) )