Friday, October 1, 2010

Yesterday was a perfect fall day here. Lots of sunshine, no wind and in the 70's.

I finally tilled the old strawberry bed and got a 24 foot row of garlic planted.
I want to try some lettuce if I can just find my seeds...and some spinach. I have this idea of planting it under the pole bean hoop house so I can cover it in very cold weather. Sort of a cold greenhouse.

We took time out to pick up the beef and when we finally got it all in the freezer except for the beef tallow and the dog bones we were both wiped out for the day.

I still had to can the apple juice. That was pretty fast and easy now that I know what I am doing. I got 6 quart jars by filling a part full one up to the top with apple cider.

I will render the beef tallow today....may have to grind part of it...I see the processor didn't this time.

I don't know how we will save the dog bones...I am out of freezer space.

Friday Morning:

Well, I did chop part of the suet and then got out Mom's grinder attachment for the KA and made very fast work of the rest.
From canning
No matter how neat you are, this is a messy job!
I also rendered a package of hog fat that I found in the freezer.
Lesson learned: Beef renders much faster than hog.

The beef tallow will be used for soap making and feeding the birds this winter.

I cook with the lard.

For the first time, I asked for the dog bones.......what we have been missing! Live and learn I guess. Some of the bones were so meaty I decided to fill one of the cookers and cook all day for beef stock. Now the dog can eat cooked bones...I did put several in nooks and crannies in the freezer for him.

I put the stock in the fridge overnight so I can remove the fat. I will can the rest.

Ilene, I need to thank you for making me realize I am not as frugal as I thought. Your blog about this subject has made me look at things differently.
All I could see looking at those bones was what a waste not to use them for food.

The local FFA chapter was selling mums for $8 this year. I have been looking at them at various places and wasn't too pleased with the offerings until he stopped by with these in his pickup. They are almost bushel basket size. They are hardy garden mums so should return each year. Now I need to get them in the ground.


  1. You may not be as frugal as you thought, but you are way more frugal than most folks!

    I always enjoy seeing what you are up to. I don't know many who make or process all the cool things you do.

  2. Those are really healthy, beautiful mums. That broth and the meat off the bones sounds like the makings of a good soup or stew!