Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Willow's a Grandma - Chores before the freeze

Well, the storm sort of played out here. All we got was a very strong gust of wind that caused me to jump up and close the bedroom window. No rain. So far no damage from the windy conditions that I have found. The temperature dropped from 74° to 54° very quickly.

I milked this morning. DH came in and told me Annabelle, my milk cow's daughter of two years ago, had calved so I had to go back and see. She is just like her mother. As soon as I got too close she headed off.
Annabelle and baby
They are predicting a freeze in a day or two so I got out after milking and picked the last of the peppers. They didn't really do well this year, especially, the bells. That pointy looking green one is an Ancho pepper, pretty hot. Ask me how I know! I think all the banana peppers are hot too which is way more hot peppers than I need. I may pickle some to go with beans.

From Harvest 2010

This afternoon, we will both go out and install the cattle panel hoop over the lettuce and spinach plot. The lettuce is up; not the spinach. It may freeze out anyway, but at least I will have a place for early salad fixings for spring. I think/hope I have enough greenhouse plastic left to cover it.

I have a few pots to bury next to the old chicken house under straw for winter: the rhubarb, virginia blue bells and a red violet from my sis, and three daylily seedlings.


  1. Glenda, a few pints of mixed colors of those peppers would be sheer delight for the eyes this winter!

  2. Glenda ~ Love the new momma and her little tyke. I love the names of your cows.

    Your peppers look great, very colorful.

    It sounds like you are getting busy for winter. I'm glad you had no wind damage. I worry for you and others when I hear about tornado activity. It is breezy here, but not cool. It is 85 right now and feels like it is 90. UGH.

    Enjoy your cooler temps and the rest of the week.


  3. Congrats on the new calf. Glad mum and baby are doing fine.

    Really REALLY windy here. Everything outside has been sideways for hours and it only gets gustier. Tornado watches for all of the surrounding counties. I hope that comes to naught... Still warm - well over 70.

  4. Great looking cow and calf.

    I've got to get out and get my peppers picked, too. And my sweet potatoes. Hubs said we were going to get frost tonight, but turns out that's in the "low lying areas", and we're kind of on a hill. Mesonet has a low of 37 showing for tonight, but it's down to 31 on Thursday night. I think I'll need the extra couple of days to get ready for it.

  5. That's an awesome photo of the calf! I want to touch that soft looking fur, but Mama would probably not permit it.

    I got my peppers picked today, too. I froze them. Oh, I just picked the ones across the street, and forgot to pick the ones in our yard. I got some green tomatoes picked, too. It may get below freezing tonight.