Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cold, rainy Saturday Morning - This and That - Some first blooms

Yesterday was cold and dreary and this day is starting out that way too.

It is now 37°. It looks like we got some more rain during the night and it is still windy.

I took a few pictures of new blooms yesterday.

This clematis has been planted for several years and I think last year was the first time it bloomed to amount to anything. It is very early....I don't know the name.


and this clematis is growing on the garden fence. It is loaded with buds but only one open so far,

This is self seeded lunaria (money plant) blooming amidst the weeds in the cellar bed,

I think this is Wide Brim hosta that is being choked by violets. It is a small hosts and needs rescuing.

and this is the little planter behind the back porch door that I am going to call the 'Jack Frost (brunnera)' bed.,

and the Humming Bird bed,

DH just reported that one of the very dimwitted hens has moved to another nest and left her eggs to be chilled overnight! Yet there are eggs under her. I know what has happened. DH has shut up the chickens for a couple of nights and he does it much too early....someone has laid in the new nest late and the hen just chose the wrong nest when she got down to eat and drink. Oh, for a couple of banty hens.....they are the best mothers in the poultry kingdom.


  1. Great pics and very pretty flowers! It has turned cool here as well,after the storms. Blessings jane

  2. Glenda, the beds look great and I love the "Jack Frost" one! I've never named any of mine other than...front & side. You are an inspiration!...:)JP

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  4. I love all the flowers and flower beds but the hummingbird bed is my favorite.

  5. Glenda, do those clematis always bloom this early? They are both very pretty.

    Wonder what happened to our Spring? I am ready for it to come back and stay- sure hope it doesn't turn off hot and dry like last year.

  6. I've seen a few clematis blooming already in this area too, but seems too early. My clematis usually didn't start blooming till later on.

    I know your place is going to look wonderful this year.

    So far, so good with the plants you sent me! I'm so excited to have them!

  7. I just love that "Jack Frost" brunnera. So early, so speckled (leaves), so blue. Does it seed? Someone gave me some plain blue brunnera (forget-me-kots) seeds, but nothing ever came up. In fact, until I saw this post, I FORGOT there were supposed to BE some. LOL

  8. I love your blog...lovely photos and tales.