Friday, April 29, 2011

Today turned out to be a very nice day--windy but very warm.

I milked first thing; it went well. I got very quickly 2+ gallons.

At 7:30 I began doing some trimming and pruning. I did the buddleia by the corner of the garage and pulled weeds from the iris there. Then did the bed up to the garden fence where the H.F. Young clematis is beginning to open. The variegated iris, Batik is blooming in front and another blue on the garden side.

I trimmed around the trees and shrubs, loaded a bale of mulch hay on the garden cart to use tomorrow, and planted two Sky Pencil hollies at the corner of the porch for an accent. I should have had the third one but didn't plan to use them this way. I need something to camouflage the wiring and telephone box.

I was surprise to see more iris blooming. Spiced Custard in the garage wall bed that has not been just a close up of the bloom,

Clarence is blooming in a couple of places but I didn't get a picture.

We now have three hummingbirds back feeding, 2 males and l female. We do enjoy watching them.

I tossed the setting hen out into the big chicken yard with water and feed...I will shut her up each night. I will do this until she quits making the mama hen sounds.
I still have one on a few eggs but I am not optimistic about that one either.


  1. Both your itis and clematis are beautiful. I planted some clematis seeds two weeks ago but none of them came up. My iris are just getting ready to bloom. They're not as pretty as yours though.

  2. Your flowers are beautiful. Good luck with the chicks.

  3. I love that Spiced Custard - what a nice complement to your wealth of bluey-purple flowers. I only have a purple iris and they are weeks away from any blooms. Bird bath is frozen this morning. :-(

  4. Gorgeous photos. I love the Spiced Custard-I like yellow/gold iris. I have been doing some cleaning out flowerbeds. Hope to have my helper here some next week to help dig and move some daylilies-decided to do away with one large round bed so need to find spaces for the ones that are keepers. Big job!