Friday, April 1, 2011

Thurs, Friday March 31 and April l 2011

Still very cool days and nights. At last the sun came out this afternoon and it crept up to 60°.

Not much has been happening on the farm. I have read a couple of books. I made a new chocolate cake using hot coffee that DH votes as his favorite. It was very moist.

We had a favorite breakfast this morning. I had left over round steak from yesterday's lunch. When that can count on biscuits with steak gravy for breakfast. One of life's little pleasures.

I finally went out this afternoon and revved up the mower and mowed the east yard.
We need to 'pick up sticks' before I can mow everything.

I also braved the Awakening rose and cut it to the ground. Now I need to dig it up and relocate it....if that doesn't work I am killing it. The limbs get 20 feet doesn't belong anywhere near human beings! I also think I need to cut my Edward Boucher abelia way down low. It is getting very woody. It really should be moved too, but is much too large.

The wild violets are blooming. I love them.

I believe some were killed over winter. Have you noticed there is always a cat or two in my pictures.....I don't even see them until I get ready to post them.

Strange things are happening with blooming things this year. My Jack Frost brunnera is blooming but not the accompanying tulips......usually they bloom at the same time. Maybe we just need some warm days.


  1. Oh I would PAY for something 20' long with thorns!! I have a nice spot for it back by the golf course....

    Love your kitties in the pics - they are playing peek-a-boo.

    You would be proud of me, Glenda. Yesterday a friend came for lunch and I made biscuits - which I make maybe once a year. We had creamed turkey over them. Delish.

    Nothing blooming here -- still bits of snow in the corners and still cold and gloomy. I guess we'll be skipping Spring this year and will go right to summer. *sigh*

  2. June said her Forsythia didn't bloom this year.

    My Jonquils or whatever they are never made any flowers. But since I don't know if they did last year, hard to know if it's because of weird weather, or if they just need to be transplanted.

  3. Kris, I am proud of you!

    If this rose comes back, I will take some cuttings and if they take, send you one. I want to take several rose cuttings this year.

    Ilene, I have a lot of daffs that show no sign of buds....yet others in the same area did bloom. I don't think they are going to.

  4. Love the Jack Frost-pretty. Going to be a lovely day in the Ozarks. Today is full with no chance to get outside to clean some more beds. Got our taxes finished and ready to take to the accountant Monday-feel like a bird out of a cage. (grin)

  5. I love wild violets. Wish I could get a start of them. There are some in the yard at my sister's house. Think I'll try transplanting some before the house is sold. Are those peonies in the picture with the violets? There's a clump of those at my sister's house also.

    I love the picture with the kitten peeking around the bench.

  6. Great pictures. Your kitty by the garden bench looks a lot like my Stormy. I was just checking my red bud trees yesterday and they don't look like they will have any color to speak of this year. Must be the crazy Missouri weather we had this year. I loved your daffodils in the previous post. Can you tell me where you got them? They are gorgeous. It's a windy one here today, so I doubt we'll want to be outside much. Have a nice day!

  7. Gldno1 from GW, is this you?!! :) I found your name over at FlowerLady's. Tenderheart/Val from GW Cottage Gardens here! 'So glad to see you again! :)

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