Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Light Fixture - Barn Repairs-Random Picture

4:00 AM, 34°

Monday and Tuesay, March 28 and 29th

Big News:
Our first granddaughter turned 16 on Tuesday. She texted me she got her license; I knew she wouldn't wait even a day! She is our pride and joy.The last two days have not been my favorite kinds of days.

When I painted the MBR I twisted the bulb too tight when replacing the globe on the vanity light fixture, sparks shot more third light. I decided Monday to remove the fixture and see if I could fix it.
I spent the entire day fooling around with this....I am so stubborn!

Called a local electrician. He promised to call the next morning...much to my surprise, he did at 7:30 AM. He came out checked out the fixture. I need a new fixture. He did use pigtails to combine all those wires so all I had to do to rewire was attach white to white and black to black.

Of course that didn't go easily. The plate that attaches to the junction box was configured differently. I had to use the one that came with the fixture and it barely fit the box. Much maneuvering later, I finally got it attached!

I took advantage of his being here and together we finally traced down where the power was coming into the cellar. He found the problem....eliminated one useless fuse box in the cellar, wired together the wires and now I have lights. All I need to do is get a cover plate for the junction box and put it on. How wonderful to flip a switch as I enter the very dark cellar.

In talking with him (I vowed to stay with him and learn what I could and he was very willing to explain everything to me), I found he is a "jack of all trades", plumbing, carpentry, electrician, etc. He works for himself.

I told him I had a list of things I wanted done but might have to do them in increments. He was fine with that. He also said when he starts a job, he stays with it until it is finished....what a novel approach.

He is going to repair and build all the doors on my round-topped barn. I want Dutch doors on the two front doors. I am having the milk parlor painted, at least the high gable ends....I might do the rest (and might not). He charges $25 and hour for electrical, $20 for carpentry and an additional $10 per hour for a helper.
He said he makes no money from the helper or the material. As soon as he tells me about the material for the barn, I am having him begin. I am thinking from his quote on labor hours I can safely figure all done for around $1,500 and I am delighted.

I am satisfied he knows electrical; and I will know after the first door, if he knows carpentry.

Finding anyone out here to do various jobs is near impossible. He will be a jewel if all goes well.

See, still no carpet....but I want all the outside fixed up nice and sound.

We have a roofer booked to do the barn roof. He will be free in about a month.

Real Food

I have gotten really interested over the last few years about real food. If you get nothing from this except one thing, please let it be:

Read Labels

I think many of our health issues could be solved if we would quit eating foods full of chemicals and non-food additives such as dyes. I hope you saw the news last night where even the FDA is becoming suspicious that food dyes may contribute to ADD, attention deficit disorder. We need to always be aware of what we eat and where it comes from.

Random Flower Picture

This is a single blossom of 'Erlicheer' daffodil. I am always amazed at the sheer perfection of the blooms. I have it on my desk and may have to move it further away; the fragrance is a little too much!


  1. Beautiful flower and great post! Good help sure is hard to find,there's a man in our area who does good work,he has been doing some things for my b i l.Blessings jane

  2. I'm hoping your handyman turns out to be truly handy! What a blessing it would be for you to have some competent help with your projects. Carpet schmarpet - it'll wait until the 'big' stuff is done. I've been meaning to paint all the inside walls since I moved in, but my energy all goes outside when I enjoy the results more. LOL Good luck. (Love the daffs, I don't have any with a scent though.)

  3. Glenda, what beautiful flowers! 34? It's 80 here and breezy, sunny...just down right tropical! I miss home already though. Congrats on your GD getting her license!...:)JP

  4. Finding a handyman like that is GREAT. I bet you can hardly wait to have all of these projects completed.

    I look forward to seeing pictures of all that is done. If you think about it, take before and after pictures. It's so much fun to look back at was was. There's always a nice difference.

    Love that daff picture.


  5. Finding a handyman that will show up when he says he will is a plus. The prices are really reasonable. Hope it all works out for you.

    The daffodil is beautiful.

  6. Those handy guys are out there, it's just hard to find them sometimes. What with work so hard to find, I'd think this would be a good thing for any guy that's good at fixing stuff to start doing. There's a real need.

    We parents and grandparents of ADD kids have known that about food colors and artificial flavors for over twenty years. FINALLY maybe the FDA will do something about this, now that they've "proven" what we parents and grandparents have said for years and years. Skeeter had ADD as a child and is Bipolar now. JC has ADD really badly. But try to restrict things with artificial colors and flavors when they go to public school and eat in the cafeteria, it's impossible! Even if you pack their lunch, they're buying stuff out of the vending machines, or eating stuff their friends give them, or someone has a birthday and brings birthday cake with so much food color in it, it turns your mouth blue. Or whatever color it is. In any sport, when parents bring snacks and drinks, there's almost always something in THAT. It's even in things you'd think are their normal color.

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