Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It was 62° at 4:30 AM.
I put a pork roast in the crock pot.

I worked outside most of the morning.

Still trying to get the dead nettle under control!

I fed the three blueberry bushes soil sulfur.
I fed the two heirloom roses ironrite.

I scratched both into the soil and then pulled the mulch back around.

While at the garden fence, I dug more DN(dead nettle), pulled the leaves off the clumps of iris and moved back to the Milk Parlor area and used the trusty string trimmer to cut a swath through the DN. I finally cut the clematis paniculata, aka Sweet Autumn Clematis, back to about 36 inches. It has already leafed out some and I hate cutting growing things but it must be done.

I uncovered the Niobe clematis and the Westerplatte that were almost buried under the DN. I still have the front of the bed (iris mostly) to do. I am not looking forward to pulling the weeds there.

Cleaned (string trimmer again) around the parlor and feed room.
Pruned (again) that blasted euonymous that grows next to the brick chimney. It had already climbed up the the decorative trim and sticks to the bricks like ivy does.
We filled the garden cart. I want this bush gone!

I also cut back the Westerland rose.

I still have the driveway border and the garage wall bed to do. I am leaving the worst for last!

We are expecting a cooler and rainier week so I am glad I got done what I did.

I finished cleaning off the back porch and touched up the white woodwork. I will leave the runner rugs off now. It looks much better without them. We carried most of the winter farm gear out to the garage. It made a great improvement on how the porch looks. I need a giant back porch...and it would be full too.

We saw our first Blue Bird this week. No activity around the BB houses yet.

7 Eggs today.

Hours gardening: 4 (guess)

Random Pictures

These are the under-light plants that I am hardening off. Note my state of the art lath house. I blocks just enough sun.

This sassafras tree by the bird bath was a gift to me from the birds. These trees are very hard to dig up and transplant and wasn't it nice they planted it next to the River Birch we lost to the ice storm! I have always wanted one in the yard. It has really begun to grow nicely. See my new planting of hen and chicks in the jar on the cistern planter?


  1. You sure accomplished a lot in four hours time. I sit and wish for a bigger yard to plant flowers in but know I couldn't take care of it. Love your planter.

  2. You sure got a lot done, Glenda. I have 2 huge sassafras in the side yard. They must be getting old because they've been shedding large branches these past 2 years (wind & ice). Also the roots sucker a lot in the yard, but mowing keeps them down. I like the leaves (like mittens) and appreciate the shade. There are squirrels and birds nest in them and the fall color is striking. I hope they still have many years in them.

  3. Glenda,you put me to shame,you have been busy busy busy! I changed my bed sheets first thing this morning,then added some dirt to my tomattoe plants,washed a few dirty dishes. And now I am going to bake some amish sweet bread. But still you have gone circles around me! Enjoy the nice weather,great temps. Blessings jane

  4. Good Grief Woman! Stop and have a piece of pie.

    I have yet to see any signs of life from my purchased sassafras trees. I'm worried. I think these trees are so pretty. Plus you can make tea from the ?bark? ?root?.

  5. Hens & Chicks are one of my favorites, Glenda! I just shake my head side to side when I read about how aggressive your Dead Nettle is. If you could, would you take a picture of it sometime. I think I know what you're talking about. The reason I ask is that I BOUGHT a perennial called Spotted Dead Nettle (Lamium?) and it's not invasive at all. But I have a weed that has the same shape leave, but is solid green that is a pain in my pitutti!!!..JP

  6. Dead Nettle, Henbit, Chickweed, Creeping Charlie are all bad bad weeds and this year they seem more plentiful than ever. Need to get started pulling them out. I haven't done anything outside yet and want to get the clematis and Knockout roses cut back maybe this week. Working on taxes right now.

    I also have a sassafras, a gift from the birds.

  7. Is dead nettle the same nettles that some caterpillars like to eat? That tree looks to have a nice shape. I did see your hens and chicks. I like your idea for the lath house. I'll have to remember that.

    I keep forgetting to say I like your new header photo. No more snow!