Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cabinet Cleaning; Pruning

Friday, March 11, 2011

I did my standard housework...breakfast, made bed, dusted floors. Then I worked on the kitchen cabinets again. I did most of the pantry shelves. Why on earth do I have all these boxes of jello. I haven't made jello in years!

I heard a soft scratching sound at the back door...checked it out and there was one of the cats scratching softly telling the cat man that they were ready for breakfast! I told him they were going by daylight not the clock! So, he went out and fed them at the barn. There were five in the group waiting at the back door.

I have yet to do the cabinets to the right which is odd pans and miscellany.

We had tacos for lunch...........because I found two boxes of taco shells! Very tasty and surprisingly DH really liked them. I made my own taco seasoning. No taco sauce and we didn't miss it.

After a rest, I rounded up my helper (bless him) and we headed out to the kitchen garden to finish pruning the fruit trees out there. I had worked earlier from the ground but this required me, a chain saw, and a 6-foot ladder …. and my helper fetching and carrying and stabilizing the ladder.

The poor trees look a little worse for wear afterward but most of this pruning was branches broken in strong winds last summer when they were loaded with fruit. I cut some more of the tornado downed Elm away from the back peach tree so I can now walk around it if need be. I also cleared a better path to the west end of the garden from the back side where the peach tree is.

I topped a new apple tree. I am trying this technique to see if I can keep it from getting too tall.

I contacted the nursery, Adams County, where I bought the apple tree grown on Bud 9 rootstock.They responded quickly. I was right; Bud 9 has a weak root system and I should have staked it on planting which they told me to do! However they offered to replace the tree for half price and send with my spring order. I took them up on it. We will be staking all new trees now. She said even a heavy load of fruit can cause the Bud 9's to topple. Good to know. They have outstanding stock and have been a very good company to do business with. My sis and I both have been very pleased with the quality of the trees.

Six eggs today.

I finished the book by Colleen McCullough, The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet, and was very happy with the ending. She redeemed herself with the final chapters! Just a delight. If you like Jane Austen, you will like this book.

Random Farm/Bird Picture

I took a series of 4 early this morning, around 6:30 AM. We could see them from the living room window so Biscuit and I took a walk down to see if I could take a picture. I was surprised how close they let me get.

I will show the rest in the next post. They have a different one in their midst this year.


  1. You managed to get a lot done,and the ducks are very pretty.The chickens are being productive too! Blessings jane

  2. Cleaning and reorganizing cabinets is high on my list of things to do before time to work in the yard.

    That sounds so sweet, the cat coming to the door to let him know they were ready for breakfast.

  3. You are such an inspiration to me Glenda. Cleaning, baking, cooking, pruning, planting, taking care of critters and farming chores.

    I look forward to being home for a few days to putter there.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. Glenda, first we always staked our trees so I'm glad you will be as well. Would you tell me what you used for your Taco seasoning if you don't mind. ...:)JP

  5. Such pretty pictures Glenda!
    Love the geese!