Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thursday and Friday, March 17 and 18

Planted in flats under the lights:

Slim Jim eggplant, Prosperosa egg plant,
Bell peppers: Orange Bell, Kevin's Early Orange, California Wonder
Other Peppers: ancho, Sweet Banana and Serrano
This filled one flat.
On heat pad.

Still no germination from bell pepper from market.

Apricot tree has some open blooms, lots showing color. In danger of a hard frost when they bloom out this early. Glad to get the little cooler temperatures of Friday, high of 56°.

Korean Boxwood is blooming. You can smell the fragrance abut 10 feet away. The honeybees love it. I planted these on the north and east side of the back porch foundation a few years ago. They are wonderful pests, no watering and so far, no trimming. The blooms are not significant but smell wonderful.

The high on Thursday was 79°.

I found my poor oakleaf hydrangea which is a very slow grower laying on the ground after the workmen left. I am sure one of them stepped on it. It was leaning almost on the ground and looked like a dead branch....however, it had leaf buds all along the branches. I am sure it is a lost cause, but I buried the end that had a few twiggy feeder roots by the likes moisture. I hope I can save it.

We got 8 eggs. All the new girls are laying.

Friday, March 18, 2011

We decided to go down to Branson for the afternoon to visit with our daughter and family, (the birthday girl), at the condo they had rented at Indian Point. It was a beautiful place with interesting decor. All elegant rustic, with distressed wood floors, all dark woods but lots of stairs. Did I mention lots of stairs! I am a little stiff this morning.

We sat on the deck over the lake and enjoyed coffee and visiting while watching the birds soaring over...DH said they were vultures!


  1. It must have been the day for vultures, Glenda. When I walked, there were about 10 hovering around and would roost in the trees! How nice that your & DH got to spend some down time together! That poor Oakleaf but it will come back! I think I'm going to check into the Korean Boxwoods for here!...:)JP

  2. Oh dear, buzzards...We have them here a lot, at the cemetary, they seem to want to roost there.
    I would be upset over someone stepping on my plants, which is what I used to have here. Everyone stepping on or dumping chemicals on my plants, hopefully I won't have that this year, its been a few years since I have had idiots living next to me.
    Have a great warm weekend, its finally warming up into the low 60's here where you can get out.

  3. I'm glad you got some time away from home so you could relax and visit with family. I think you and your DH are like Grampy and I, if you're home you're always busy.

    When my dad would find a plant broken at the stem like that he'd poke a hole in a big potato, stick the end of the twig down in it and plant potato and all. He said the starch in the potato would feed the twig and the moisture would keep it hydrated it could put out new roots. I hope you're able to save yours.

  4. Don't you just hate what careless buffoons those construction-type guys can be? When we had the work done on the front of the Ponca house, those guys trampled all over my Clematis vine and threw their construction trash against the Euonymus bush, finally burying it in rubble! I was so mad! I transplanted the bush, I figured it wouldn't hurt after all that. And the vine came back up from the roots no permanent damage done. But you'd think they could use their eyes when they walk around your property!

    GrannyJ, I'm going to remember that tip about the potato. That might be a good way to propagate, by cutting something off, on purpose and sticking it into a potato! Heh!

  5. I've never heard of an Oakleaf Hydrangea before - but I hope it manages to survive.

    I always used to handle the rose bushes with thick suede welding gloves on - I think I'll have to blow the dust off them again!

  6. You just have to watch workmen like a hawk! I've got a guy coming this spring to tuck-point my chimney and I cringe at the potential carnage in my front garden. (BTW, Glenda - I just put up a post about my oak leaf hydrangea on the flower page before I read here about yours. Hope yours bounces right back.)

    I love the sweet smell of boxwood and privet! And the bees go crazy for them. Hope the storms didn't do any damage but gave you good water.

  7. BTW - the annual return(always 3/15) of the area buzzards are cause for celebration hereabouts.