Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Interim Post

I have been so busy the last few days that I haven't taken the time to post or read properly your blogs.

We are having company today for lunch. Our granddaughter and family are stopping by on their way to the lake for Spring Break. Grandma has been requested to make pizza and a chocolate cake with 'fluffy' icing. We are celebrating her 12th birthday. She also wants vanilla milk shakes. Whatever she wants, she gets.....usually.

I have also been doing some spring touch-up painting on our back (used as a front) door. The cats scratch when wanting food! and the threshold from the dining room out to the porch. I washed a few windows that were too dirty to be tolerated anymore.

I will be back after the company leaves this afternoon.

Because of the rain, the tree trimmer couldn't come until today! Isn't that just the way it goes....we didn't postpone him, because we would like it done before the leaves come out so I can "advise" them where to trim.

Random Farm Picture

This time it was DH, not me, that wanted to not sell this girl...We love her Mama and she has such unusual coloring on her face.


  1. Sometimes we all get busy and blogging has to wait awhile. It will soon be gardening time,and most everyone will be away from the computer. Hope your grandaughter has a happy b day,Blessings jane

  2. Hope the tree trimmers do a nice job for you.

    That is a pretty cow, such soulful eyes. How are the llamas doing? Did they help against calf loss this season?

    Have a fun with the family today.

  3. Have a great day today with family.

    You sound busy as usual. I love that little cows face too. Glad you're not selling her.

    I've got clothes ready to hang out on the lines, bread going in the machine, and I want to head out back to clothesline area, that is being reworked. I like it already, and it's east of our 'folly' that I'll tell about when we are done. :-)

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. Oh, I love the markings on her face too! She has eyebrows!...:)JP

  5. Is this the daughter of the cow you milk? The markings on the face are really nice.

    It's always nice for family to visit. That's more important than blogging or even reading. Hope the cake with the fluffy icing was what she wanted.

  6. So, did you end up keeping her? She sure is good looking!