Thursday, March 17, 2011


Good Thursday morning. Today is going to be a great day. 75° and I plan to be outside as long as energy allows.

We both woke way too early this morning.....2:45 AM and decided to get up. It is lovely to be here in the very quiet house, no phones, no TV and DH made our coffee so we are enjoying that.

This is my computer time.


When I was encouraged to blog, I did it very reluctantly....then I decided I would and the blog would just become an extension of my daily journal. Having it on the computer would make it easier for me to search for certain when to start cuttings or seeds or when something happened on the farm. I also wanted to share with others just what a daily life on a farm in the country is like.

I am enjoying it very much and have met via the internet some wonderful, friendly people and have a host of Blogs I must read daily before my day can get started.

This brings me to the subject of Awards....I knew I didn't want to participate in this but had no idea how to put one of those little No Awards or Tags labels in my side bar. I think it is an honor and I appreciate it more than I can say. But I always feel under pressure and hate to "pass it along" to others who may feel the same way.

So thank you to Home in the Hollow and Granny Mountain for the honor. I hope you all visit their blogs. Both are well written and not a daily journal but a wonderful variety of interesting topics.

I will go ahead and list 7 things about me but won't pass it along.

1. I don't like to travel
2. I hate being barefoot (may be an old lady thing!)
3. I am an early riser (you may already know that)
4. I am a southerner in my soul
5. I love mowing the yard (with my riding mower)
6. I love to brushhog (with the tractor and 7-foot mower)
7. I am not a joiner...clubs, etc. (love people; just don't like meetings)

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  1. Love reading your blog even though I might not always comment-depends on time and my mental state (grin). I have found I am not a good blogger-too long between posts-which is ok for just family and friends but you don't get much of a following if you don't post regularly. Maybe if I kept more of a journal like yours I would post more-just a thought.

    Keep up the good posts-enjoy them all.