Monday, March 21, 2011

Flower Bed clean-up

The last two days have been beautiful, maybe a little windy, but nice and warm.

I finished the Cellar Bed Clean up. Well, you're never really finished; the weeds don't allow it.

It is looking much better; I can actually see the daffodils. So far there are three separate varieties in bloom. There are more to come on later.

This may be Ice Follies

There is a white quince just beginning to bloom and the Kumson Forsythia is barely budding out. It has never bloomed heavily since I planted it several years ago.
The white clematis on the left end of the middle of the bed is beginning to leaf out.

I cleaned the grass bed by firing the grasses. I should do this in February before anything greens up. As it is, I scorch some iris and sedum and the back half of the white buddleia....I can never remember it. It does create a huge hot blaze for just a few seconds. I had the water hose handy and wet down all the bed before I began. There are no bulbs in that bed.....maybe there shouldn't be unless I fired it in December.

I mowed all the front and west yards just to nip the weeds before they set seed and cut back 6 clematis. Also made some inroads on the Well House Bed.

Total Time Spent: 4-5 hours. I want to keep a rough total of time spent gardening...just because.

We got 8 eggs the last two days.


  1. I love daffodils. They're one of my favorite flowers.

  2. i always try to tie my garden deadlines to offical holidays: cut the bordergrass around MLK Jr. Day, air layer the camellias around tax day, etc.

  3. my daffodils,or buttercups as we call them,are in full bloom.Yours are pretty. my clematis is starting to leaf out too. I am so glad it is finally spring! Blessings jane

  4. Your daffodils looks lovely, and so far ahead of mine, so I'll enjoy yours! :-D