Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. March 6,7,8 2011

As you know Sunday was company day. All went well. I was glad I chose the biscuit topping.
They both had biscuits on the side with the Chicken Pot Pie.

We had enough leftovers that I sent them home with enough for another meal plus a dozen eggs.

We got 3 eggs.

Monday was a cold and rainy day.....I did not venture outside. We got 9 eggs.

Tuesday, another dreary day. I woke up at 2 AM and just got up. I realized I had let us run out of bread so at 3 AM I had two loaves going. Turned out great.
From Food
It isn't really burned; the shadow just makes it look that way.

I would encourage everyone to begin making their own bread. I is very, very easy and the time involved is the rising time and you can be doing anything you want during that time. I made this one entirely by hand. As you can see a big heavy duty mixer is not required.

One day I made what I call a skillet dinner. I got the idea of adding the smoked sausage from Granny's Place. I didn't have the green pepper so I added a pinch of red pepper flakes instead. Last year was a bad year for peppers here in my gardens. The other change was I added some sweet potatoes to the mix because I still have a lot left in storage. I even served it with cornbread like she did.
We both liked it very much.

I have seen green peppers in the store that were almost $2 each and swore I would not pay that ridiculous price for them, but I did. It made a lot of diced pepper that I froze. They were huge peppers.

I haven't checked to see how much rain we got yet.

The last vinca that I placed on a heating pad is up much better than the first planting with no bottom heat. I uncovered it this morning but left it on the pad and will do so for a couple of days.

I finished 'Mary, Mary' by James Patterson. We have several book due so I will have DH return them when he goes in for exercise today.

We got seven eggs.

This will be milking morning. I have put if off to the last minute and can't delay any longer. I don't like to get lower than ½ gallon before milking again.


  1. The sweet potatoes sound like the perfect addition to that dish. I'll be putting sweet potatoes on the shopping list this month. I like being able to cook everything in one pan and just add the cornbread.

    We're having lots of rain too. Wonder how bad this will affect the farmers getting into the fields to get ready for planting.

  2. That skillet supper looks great! I fix us meals like that too. I really like fresh sweet potatoes.

    You sure got an early start to your day, and your bread looks wonderful! I just bought 25 lbs. of bread flour from SAM's for $8.79. I put it into 3 storage containers, plus my two jars that I measure out of. In the containers I put bay leaves fresh from my bay tree. Bread flour at the grocery is $2.89 a 5lb. bag.

    I hope today is a good one for you. It sure would be a treat to collect fresh eggs and fresh milk. Hope Willow doesn't give you a hard time. :-)

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. I never thought of adding sweet potatoes to my skillet mix, but I will next time! The bread looks wonderful...:)JP

  4. Your bread looks beautiful! Mine is pretty too,just not that pretty. The skillet dinner looks yummy. Everything at the grocery is outrageous these day's. I need to go to Sam's and get some of that flour. Blessings jane

  5. Sometimes, when I grab an extra bag of potatoes on sale or find a good price on yams/sweet potatoes, I roast them up all at once, then freeze them (spuds whole, yams sliced). Then, when I want a 'skillet' meal, I just brown meat and onions and peppers then add in as much chopped potatoes/yams as I want (I really enjoy their roasted flavor/texture). Cuts cooking time down to nil and dinner is ready in no time.