Friday, March 11, 2011

I thought about just skipping posting on the 'do nothing' type days but for my own personal use as a journal, I will try to not leave days out.

Yesterday, 4:30 AM, 32° ;high of 47°. I was pretty much inside all day.

I worked on the kitchen cabinet cleaning project...a side benefit is I found some lost things: the microwave plastic dish cover; a mini crock pot....maybe I bought it for potpourri. I stopped mid stream and filled it with water, cinnamon, whole cloves and skin of an almost shriveled orange...soon a wonderful spicy aroma filled the kitchen. I found the missing lid for an insulated coffee mug. I found all three mugs and now have them together.

I pitched some way past prime instant coffee which I hate anyway. I collected some Christmas glasses and washed them. I need to find a storage spot way up high and not taking up prime real estate on the lazy susan for them.

I also found the plastic lid for the lasagna dish...put it with the dish. Cleared out the area above the microwave where I have extra coffee pots and thermoses.

I may tackle the spice area near the baking center....I know I have some ancient spices that should be tossed.

Late in the afternoon I began reading a new book by Colleen McCullough (Thornbirds)called the The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet. She has taken the plainest of the sisters from Price and Prejudice, Mary, and tells of her awakening at the age of 38 after her mother dies. I love the way she writes and am enjoying the story. What bothers me the most is she takes the characters from P & P and ages them also and they turn out to be (in her novel) less than the perfect people of the first book. Darcy who we all swooned over, is not a saint! I am trying to ignore all that and just enjoy the story.

I may feel that I have to re-read Pride and Prejudice again so I can view them through Jane Austen's rose colored glasses.

Today is supposed to be our first of several days of lovely warm weather. I suspect it is still too wet to do too much outside. I don't really like to clear off flower beds until much later. The perennials need the protection of a sudden drop in temperatures which I know we will have.

I did find my liquid fish emulsion and have started feeding the plants under lights with a very weak solution.
I will do that every time I water them.

DH does all of the hay feeding with the tractor. We feed large round bales weighing between 800 to 1000 lbs. We do not do our own hay. We buy it locally and have it delivered. It isn't financially feasible for our small farm to own the hay equipment or try to cut our own. Custom baling is a pain too. We have done that before, but they cut it when it fits their schedule not when it is optimum for quality we now do it this way. He feeds anywhere between two bales a day or less depending on the weather and the pasture situation.

Here he is going into the west lots and on down to where the west pond is to feed the heifer group.


We are about a month away from not having to feed hay.


  1. I enjoy reading about your days. How long before you'll be sending the weaned calves to the auction? I read that there is a big shortage of beef cattle in the U.S. now. Hope you get a good price for them.

  2. I agree with your wanting to post things daily, it's a great way to keep a farm journal. I'm hoping to one day archive (and maybe even have printed) my blog for my 2 year old daughter to have when she gets older.

    Can't wait to stop feeding (and BUYING) hay! Thanks for the pics too! Pictures of our everyday chores may seem mundane to us, but I love seeing other farms.

  3. Come here from Malaysia

  4. I certainly am glad you found so many wonderful items, Glenda and the smell of your potpourri is in the air as I can almost smell it here!...:)JP

  5. How lucky for you to have found all those little missing bits. It probably feels like you have new things now that they are complete.

    I don't like it when writers who didn't originally create a character 'have a go at them' like that. It's just not right and I don't enjoy reading them. Don't get me wrong, I love McCullough - but I wouldn't want to read characters that aren't originally hers! (The Thornbirds were wonderful!)