Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just another day in the life........................

Yesterday was another sunny warm day.

The first thing on my list was to clean the was way past needing it.
Mission accomplished and now I don't mind opening the door to get something.
An added bonus was a large bowl of 'leftovers' for the chickens.

Around 2 PM, I went outside to work in the kitchen garden. I burned two piles of debris and then DH got my Merry Tiller running and brought it to me. I tilled the east end where the strawberries used to be and actually found two plants still alive.
The soil was in perfect condition for working. When I finished I hoed out the row of garlic. The dratted henbit and another annoying litte blue flowered week were in the row too close to the bulb to till out. That little job told me I am really out of gardening shape! The plants are looking good.

I still have about six bulbs left from last year's harvest that are starting to show green tips. I have read not to use them, they will be bitter....I haven't noticed any taste in the food so will continue until they are gone.

I turned over a board and found 4 earthworms which I felt was a good sign. I also tilled up this scary fellow:

This is a really bad year for henbit. It is absolutely everywhere. It is doing one good thing; feeding honeybees. I finally got a couple of pictures. I had lots of difficulty shooting outside yesterday. I couldn't see in the viewer what I was taking.

Here is my work in progress:

The garlic row is to the left in the picture.

I managed two hours. Quit; put tools up and then fed the very excited girls their
refrigerator clean-up treat. Five eggs.


  1. You were busy!

    I worked outside yesterday, too, trying to get the beds ready. It's going to be hard to have the size garden I want this year because my beds are so much work to set up. IcyHot, the heating pad and a glass of country wine have been my close friends the last several evenings.

    I had not heard that sprouting garlic is bitter and have not ever found that to be so. Maybe the variety makes a difference?

  2. I never knew that plant was called henbit. I learn something new from your blog every day. I wish our ground was as nice as yours. Digging her is easier if you blast first. :)

  3. You have been busy! I am thinking of planting some onion bulbs,but worry it might be too early here. Your ground looks good. I think spring is almost here. Blessings jane

  4. You are busy. A toad and 5 eggs, earthworms, you are set to go.
    I am going to be set back, sounds like we are going to get another storm, with ice, so there goes any gardening chores I wanted to do out the window.
    Have a great up coming weekend.

  5. Your garden will be awesome! Thanks for sharing the name of that plant...Henbit! And you got 5 eggs to boot! Keeping them happy is the key, Glenda!

  6. Only 12F this morning and ground frozen since it was saturated by Monday's rain. I'm a little envious of you being able to actually garden this time of year. What luck to find a toad! Mine won't be out until nearly May - they are still hibernating. Still wintersowing here...Spring is a ways away yet!

  7. Glenda, my laptop won't let me post a comment...I think it's the word verification but it works fine on the desktop and it's installed on both. When you have time would you ask your genius son what if anything I can do to fix...thanks sweetie! I loved the bee pictures, soooo good! You are so far ahead of me I'll never catch up. I have flowerbeds to clean out, weeds, trimming, on and on...

  8. Now that is an ugly toad!! Great shot of him and the bee on the henbit. Henbit is a big problem here as well, along with mole runs!! Too wet here to do much-very windy out today. The wind Monday night blew down a portion of the board fence along the back flowerbed-one more thing to get fixed.