Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yesterday was very cold and windy.

The milking went pretty smoothly. I got my normal amount.

I could hear the hot wire clicking around the hay and new garden so checked it out and found where it was shorting out. It was a simple quick fix.

I glanced back at the young trees in the orchard and saw a bare spot in the orchard where a tree should have been. It was my Liberty apple tree. It was just lying on the ground....not broken at the graft but at the root line. There were a few hairy roots left and the tree was green under the bark, so I planted it in the whiskey barrel to see if I can save it.

We should have staked all the trees when we planted them, but did not. I am assuming the strong winds we have been having and the wet ground led to it just falling over.

I contacted the nursery, Adams County Nursery, just as a matter of educating myself. This was a semi- dwarf grafted on Bud 9 rootstock... I am wondering if the rootstock doesn't have a strong rooting system. I will stake all the trees that are coming this spring! It costs too much to lose one to carelessness.

I was very happy with the growth on the two peaches and plums left in the orchard.

I decided to leave the chickens up. I don't think the cold mud will help them at all. It sure didn't me. We got 8 eggs.

The weaned calves are bawling like crazy...I hope they settle down in a few days. We will feed them hay and a little grain until they are weaned good. I don't like to sell calves that are still bawling for Mama. They even lose weight during that period of stress. A lot of people pull them off the cows and ship them the next day...we have just never done that.

The corner of my cabinets to the right of the sink is the ‘baking area’. The lazy susan in the bottom corner is where I store most baking supplies and was a mess. I took everything out, pitched some things, and scoured the shelves. I decided to line them for ease in cleaning the next time. I just used paper towels. I had to overlap them. I put things back in a more organized manner and was able to gain some space.

I have plans to do at least one section of the rest of the cabinets at a time until I get them to suit me.

Random Photo

We need something to remind us warmer weather is coming.



  1. Good morning Glenda ~ Love your random picture.

    Sorry you lost your apple tree. It always hurts to lose growing things.

    I really need to clean my lazy suzan under my counter in the scullery. It's a wreck and really not as functional as it could be.

    We are expecting thunderstorms this afternoon and cold, down into the 40's tonight.

    Hope your day is a good one.


  2. I hope you can save your apple tree. It sounds like you caught it right after it had tipped over in the winds.

    I just cleaned my cabinet shelves a couple of weeks ago. When we moved here we had a box of peel and stick tile left over from tiling a floor in our previous place and Grampy laid the tile in the shelves of the bottom cabinets. It makes it really easy for me to clean them.

  3. Good Morning Glenda! Sun in our little bit of MissouREE today. Hope you see some sun too! 65 tomorrow! Yesterday was raw, windy and cold and we had runnin' around errands to do. Brrrr. I hate to hear those babies cryin' for their Mamas when our neighbors wean them. Sad, but gotta be done. I hope your apple tree decides it is happy in the whiskey barrel!

  4. I forgot to tell you I enjoyed your lovely flutterby picture this morning :)

  5. Oh, Glenda, sorry to hear about the apple tree! How long had it been planted?

    I'm doing the same thing with some of my cabinets right now. In fact, I need to get my butt back in there right now and finish working on the big cabinet so I can get things put back away.

  6. Maybe you can save the apple tree,i hope so.I have also been doing some extra cleaning.Liked the pic. Blessings jane

  7. Glenda, I hope those calves calm down for you and put some weight on. Perhaps your efforts will save the apple tree and have fruit in a few years. Organizing cubbys? I'm your girl! Glad you got 8 eggs, too!...:)JP