Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sale Day - Errands - Rearranging the Living Room

Yesterday was still warm at 62° when we got up....the cold front is coming though. I can tell by the winds!


Wednesday is Feeder sale at the area sale barn. We still have some to load and take in. The loading went smoothly. DH gets them into the holding area and I use the gate on the quarter circle pen to push them into the alley and he moves them along into the trailer. Every time we do this, we appreciate all over again the set-up we have for working and loading. It makes our lives so much simpler. It was worth every penny it cost. My Dad used to say you needed the right tool for the job and this is the right tool for us.

I was sitting in the truck while DH was picking up our check. I always get a kick out of watching everyone coming out the door reading their check stubs where it lists the cattle sold,weights, prices and who bought them. Everyone does it.
This is a state of the art sales arena. We are so lucky to have it so close. We know one of the owners; he lives fairly close to us.

This is a side view of the area.
We unload the cattle on this side.

You see all types here from the little rigs to the bigger rigs; from old beat up trucks and trailers to this:
and then the really big rigs.

It was another very good sale day for us and we are grateful!

We stopped at the bank on the way home, then to the library to drop off books and pick up two they were holding for me. We are blessed with a new very fine library which is a branch of the Springfield-Greene Co. Library. Next was the post office and then the local market.


It was time for me to move all the furniture in the living room to sweep under everything; and, optimist that I am, I re-arranged things again. We are liking it for now but will probably put it all back like it was soon. It is a near impossible room to arrange furniture in...4 doors and a wood stove at one end!
At least it is nice and clean now.

The cold front has arrived; we could feel it getting colder late in the evening; I will not be gardening outside until it passes!

8 eggs.

No time outside.


  1. The front moved through yesterday afternoon here. It was cloudy, but pushing 60 until mid-afternoon, then thunder, lightning, and marble-sized hail. Temps plummeted. It's now 27 this morning and most likely will not get above freezing for next couple of days. Brrrr.

    Glad the sale went well. Nice pics from the front seat. :-D

  2. We had all the doors and windows open yesterday and this morning the furnace is on. Crazy weather.

  3. Our heater is on this morning too.Our cold front blew thru last night. Nice pics. Blessings jane

  4. Great pics. Sure alot colder this morning!

    DD is off work for two days. She came out and we went wildflower hunting then came home and she helped cut back 8 clematis', cut back the Nepeta Walker's Low catmint in two whiskey barrels and cleaned out a couple of flower beds. Nice start but still alot to do. So thankful she enjoys flowers and working outside and is a great volunteer. My back is really sore this morning-need to do stretching exercises during the winter to stay in shape!!

    Both girls were here for supper-baked chicken, peas, baked potatoes and salad. I made a small blackberry/blueberry cobbler for dessert. DH did some fertilizing. Busy spring days that I love.

  5. Quite an expedition! Glad it all went well. Yeah, farmers are "readers". I've seen them do that same thing when they come out of the feed store! LOL

    These cold days are what we need to make us stay inside and do our housework and baking! Heh. Actually, I'm glad for the break. Just hope it doesn't last too long.

  6. The right tool for the right job... many times I have heard my Grandpa say these words, so true! It's back to heat again today, the cold front made it's way down to my house in Arkansas. Ah...spring in the Ozarks!

  7. I'm glad the sale went well for you. I enjoyed the photos and reading about it. I had the past week off. I'm glad it was warm enough the beginning of the week to get some gardening done. I wish it would have lasted, though.