Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Tree Trimming Project and the Sale Barn and a Birthday Party

If that sounds like yesterday was way too busy, you are right!!!

I was beyond tired last night.

To begin the day, DH for some reason beyond my understanding, decided he was going to sell calves...I reminded him that we were having company....didn't matter; he was selling calves. So I imagined he was going to do it all himself and the sale barn is only 30 minutes problem. Wrong! He needed me to help load them....then asked if I wasn't coming to the Sale Barn..............No.......I was not.

The trimmers couldn't come Monday because of rain, they didn't come Tuesday, but came Wednesday, our Birthday celebration. Not really a problem other than our company had to drive through the field and into the yard. The bucket truck was parked in the drive that wasn't supposed to be blocked.

I told DH we were never going to try to sell calves on a busy day again...very nicely but very, very firmly!

The good news is the birthday party went very well and we got the best prices for calves that we ever have.

The Tree Project

This is a picture showing the Bird Feeder Tree where you can see the dead side with the bark practically gone.
From gardening Spring 2011

This picture shows the southeast view of the yard west of the drive. You can see the stump near the drive and the other tree removed is out next to the road. You can barely see the stump which I am leaving...I don't mow the ditch anymore and didn't want to pay an additional $400 for more stumps grinding.
From gardening Spring 2011
I took a picture of the grinder at work.....note the adviser leaning against the truck (DH).

From gardening Spring 2011

I worked outside a couple of hours this morning cleaning the HB when I say clean....this is what I mean....I don't rake; I try to leave a layer of old leaves and small debris on the bed to reserve moisture and keep the henbit and dead nettle at bay!
From gardening Spring 2011

I pulled some dead lily stalks and one was attached and had roots and small bulblets around the base that had white hairy roots and small shoots growing.
I replanted it in another bed.
From gardening Spring 2011

Then I finally rescued my favorite 'Madame Butterfly' daylily that had almost been choked to extinction by a clump of vigorous heliopsis. I was able to disengage about three or 4 pieces of daylily and I replanted them near the replanted lily. Maybe I can now keep track of them and keep them watered.

Coming up in this bed:
Phlox, two varieties
anemone 'Robustissima'
lamium ground covers
Shasta daisies

I was a good girl and emptied my garden cart of the debris as I went; I usually leave it in the yard for a week until I can make(ask) my assistant to pick it all up. Today's way is better.

Today was supposed to be sunny and 75° isn't!

Random Garden Picture


  1. You really were busy. I try to leave some leaves and debris also. Natural compost. I'm glad you got a good price for the calves. I'd read there was a shortage of feeder calves this year.

  2. So much to do. You have a great start.

    We always paid a cowman to come pick up our calves as we had no trailer. We'd never have managed if I had to help. My fav cowboy was named Dallas -- really, but he was local. In cold weather he wore a long overcoat like the cowboys in the movie Tombstone. He had a long whip which he just twirled round and round as he murmured, "Okay Girls, All right Ladies," and they all got on the bus, uh, trailer.

  3. I hate when workers don't come when they're supposed to, but it seems to be a trend. So also the one guy that actually does nothing but stand around. A cushy job if you can get it, eh?

    Glad the party went well, and as always, enjoyed the pictures of the growing things. I have a bumper crop of Henbit.

    NellJean's account of the cowboy named Dallas made me really want to go out and buy some cows. I'll need his phone number, NellJean! LOL

  4. Men! is all I can say. Glad it worked out that you got good prices, but really! LOL

    Hope your lilies thrive in the new spot. I've got henbit everywhere here.

    You need a little 'comfy chair' time today...

  5. Had to laugh over the calf story. DH got the heifers up in the lot by the house as they are easy to get in the holding pen from there and we were planning to work them. He called just as I was getting a pedicure, (I get one once a month due to diabetes and some nail problems), and wanted to know when I would be home-wanted me to load syringes as he wanted to work heifers that afternoon. The girls at the shop worried I would mess my polished toes up because they wouldn't be good and dry. I put on a pair of loose white socks and a pair of sandals when I got home and off to the barn I went!! I loaded syringes for the shots, DH gave them and a friend put the wormer down their back. Toes came out in fine shape! DH is the type once he gets something on his mind-he wants it done--well, maybe all men are that way.

  6. When the stumps were ground, did it leave the area level, higher, or lower than it was?