Thursday, March 24, 2011

This morning was a very cold 32°. That is about normal for us; not the warm temperatures we have been having, but the change is drastic!

My plants under the lights have improved since I began watering with a dilute fish emulsion fertilizer that Kris uses.
They have been outside a couple of days and nights but I brought them in last night.

This is Asian Red Lettuce.

The cabbages:

The Golden Agastache is turning color. The other is a lavender agastache.

The bluebirds are back. I finally saw them entering the new bird house I put up last year.

And finally she went in. They were in and out all morning. The hole seems almost too small.

I gave up the struggle to not bake anything! DH has been asking for a cherry pie so this morning I baked one, and yes, I ate some.

I may just cook all day long tomorrow.........................


  1. You go girl, bake your little heart out. Wish I was there for coffee and pie.
    Have you started your yogurt starter yet. I was curious if what I sent you was ok?
    Have a great week, we are supposed to have snow/rain showers tonight, and cold snowy/rainy weekend, another garden bust this weekend. Rats....

  2. I love to bake bread,I am thinking of baking a cheesy bread,called peasant bread tommorrow,if I get time.your cabbages look nice. Blessings jane

  3. Yum.. Cherry pie is my favorite. It's been below freezing here the last two mornings. Glad I don't have anything planted yet.

    Baking when it's cold outside is always a good thing.

  4. All your plantings look wonderful, Glenda! My favorites though, I must admit, are the cherry pie and that bluebird house. Don't you worry if it's too small, they'll modify it!...:)JP

  5. Look at your little baby edibles and flowers. I bet you can hardly wait to get them in the ground.

    Love the bluebird pictures.

    Speaking of baking, it will be time to bake more bread. I just love the aroma of bread baking.

    Your cherry pie sounds delicious!

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

  6. Glenda - your seedlings are looking great! (Glad to see my Asian lettuce will eventually turn a nice color.) Those agastaches look really lush. The bees will love them. I've never put up birdhouse, but seeing your bluebirds sure temp me. It's 14F here this morning. Brrrr. I have extra milk and might try my hand at making yogurt today. Have a slice of pie for me! :-D

  7. Raining with some little icicles hanging off the fence and carport! DH fertilized Wednesday and Thursday so the slow rain will be good on it.

    Went to Lebanon with DH yesterday for some truck parts-shopped at Wal-Mart while waiting for him to get his parts. I was so tired from yard work Wednesday that I didn't even go to the garden area-a first for me!! The girls were here for a simple supper-cheeseburgers, steak fries, pork and beans, salad and sliced strawberries and ice cream.

    I love warm cherry pie and ice cream. Guess that is my problem-can't think of a pie I don't like!! GRIN

    Great bluebird photo. They are showing up around here-love them.

  8. Hi Glenda,
    I can't decide which is prettier, your seedlings or those bluebirds. That lettuce is bigger than the thinnings I get and eat from the lettuce planted in the ground.

    We had some nice days last week, but now, it's cold again. We had a dusting of snow last night, and may again tonight.

    We've had a couple more estimates for the tree, and one was almost half as much as the first one. That's a relief. We are expecting 2 more yet.