Monday, April 11, 2011

Fruit Trees - gardening - Cobbler

We are still waiting for the promised storm...just want the rain, no storm please.

I see others were not so lucky last night.

It is very hot and very windy today.

I milked early around 7:30 and that went quite well. I am running out of storage for the milk....I am thinking mozzarella soon!

After milking I finally got some lettuce seed planted with a few radishes to mark the row. I planted Lollo Rossa, Cimmaron, and a French one. I stretched a piece of polyspun over the planting and weighted it down with bricks. This will keep the cats out and if we get a hard rain, protect the seeds from being washed up or beat into the ground............I hope.

DH helped me and we planted the half-price Liberty apple tree with a deep stake (steel t-post) and the RedGold nectarine tree (with a stake) all in the orchard.

I still have a Stanley prune plum, a Black Gold Cherry, and a Harlayne apricot (I never give up on those delightful little things) to plant. The apricot is such an attractive tree I thought about the yard, but then knew it shouldn't be out by the road where it would be a mighty temptation or where I might want to leave a ladder standing. I think I will do another row on the West side of the new garden. The trees will receive some shelter from the north winds from the existing buildings and they won't shade the garden. I learned from planting 10-foot corn on the East side last year. It took until noon for the sun to hit the tomatoes.

We came in early because the winds were so strong they almost blew me down a time or two. I heeled in the fruit trees in the kitchen garden and we put away all tools so we won't get caught dashing around in a storm.

I made a blackberry cobbler this afternoon, once again, using my frozen pie crust. I made it rustic style and just folded the bottom crust over the fruit; no top crust.

I almost waited too late to get a picture.

I accumulated 3.5 pints of very thick cream and made 1.5 lbs of butter that I froze in 1/4 lb. packages and then stacked in a container. This should help with measuring it for cooking.

Random Bird Picture

She is one of the oldest girls in the flock.


  1. If I ever decide to grow berries and can only have one kind it would be blackberries! They are so rich and sweet and tangy. We had wild canes everywhere when I was a child and we'd pick and pick until we were all scratched up from the briers and stained from the juice. Your cobbler looks wonderful.

    Steady 25-35 winds yesterday and temps soared to 78!! Finally, my daffs are blooming! Still warm this a.m. (68) and windy. Hope we get some rain from the front today.

  2. Your cobbler looks delicious. Love the picture of the chicken. We used to have Dominicks, Rhode Island Reds and Leghorns.

    Hope you get the gentle rain you need and nothing to go with it.

  3. Love the chicken pictures and that old girl still looks pretty spiffy. Yum on the cobbler!

  4. Your cobbler looks yummy,we love cobblers around here! Love the chicken too. Blessings jane

  5. Oh, I love apricots, too. I can hardly wait till my tree gets old enough to produce! Sounds like you have some good additions to your orchard.

    I won't be getting any blackberries this year. They grow on the previous year's canes and most of those are dead, but at least the plants are coming back up from the roots. I'm not a fan of blackberry cobbler as I don't like all the seeds, but it's soul food for Hubs. I do love blackberry jam. I run the berries through my Squeeze-O to remove the seeds before making the jam.

  6. Your blackberry cobbler looks delicious! I can't wait for wild blackberries to be in in Oregon we get them in August.

  7. The cobbler looks great! I would love to try a piece! Good luck with the pruning, I hope it went alright!

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