Friday, April 29, 2011

Mowing and Trimming- Garden- Food-Chickens

Yesterday was our first sunny dry day in a very long time and I made the most of it!
I had to wait until late morning to begin mowing to let the grass dry out.

Before going out I made our favorite Ham and Potato casserole which is just layers of sliced potatoes, onion, cheese and ham chunks. I spread a thin coating of cream of mushroom soup over each layer. I end with cheese on top. I usually pour about a half cup of milk over it all, cover and bake until done at 400 degrees. I made a salad of wilted lettuce and chocolate pudding for dessert. I make chocolate pie filling, only use the whole egg. DH always says that is his favorite dessert.
So with dinner in the small oven, I began mowing.

I thought once I quit mowing the front ditch (too steep now with the new road) that my days of being pulled out with the tow rope and the ATV were over...........not so! The west yard was like a sponge leaving muddy tracks in places and when I got near the fence I dropped down about 6 DH had the pleasure of pulling me out again...he didn't even complain.

After I mowed, I had some time to begin trimming with the repaired trimmer. I love the new just tap the ground and it sends out new string. I didn't get much done but hope to finish tomorrow.

The garden is looking good. At last the onions are standing up straight and the potatoes are showing in the row. I have a good stand of lettuce and need to thin it soon....when I don't sink down. I will find some short boards to lay down to walk on if need be or thick slabs of mulch hay.

There is a row of beets on the right side, but you can't see them in this picture.

I planted the lettuces and radishes under a small hoop frame (only one cattle panel)and planted them very thickly since I have had trouble with germination for a few looks like every single seed came up. Thinning or transplanting is in my future.

The garlic has huge, lush tops this year; maybe it likes moisture! I will just show this clump of a volunteer. The other row is too weedy! It needs hoeing, but is way too wet.

In bloom right now in my garden:

Honeysuckle on porch
purple and white hesperis
a few iris
three clematis

Random Flower Pictures


Iris 'Suky'
an unknown iris


DH had spent the morning taking a tire off one of the tractors and taking it into town to be repaired....then back home and putting it on again. He didn't get to work on fence again; the helper had to put a starter on his car. He will be here this morning and they can get that project done.

We decided to give up on the middle setting hen! We tossed her off the nest and threw those filthy and stinking eggs over the fence. I put clean straw in the nest box. We decided to turn her back with the flock. They attacked her like she was an alien! When they cornered her and she had her head down near the ground, I decided enough was enough so put her back in the other side. Last evening when I checked she was back on the empty nest. I need to find a cage and put her under it with the others until they get used to her again. We will leave the other one on the nest a while longer but may do the same to her. The setting hens was not successful!

I tossed them all a bucket full of grass clippings; they have already cleaned the run of green.

We got five eggs.

I will be milking again this morning.


  1. I can't believe you can even walk in the yard as much rain as we've had. Yesterday was the first time the sun had come out in two weeks and it sure was nice. The lake is so muddy it looks like the Mississippi River! We did have water over our road a couple days in the low spots, luckily we have a "back" way along Cloverdale Road we can go when this happens. In 6 years this is only the second time so that tells you how bad the flooding was. We had 3 deaths in our area that were flood related, people driving where they shouldn't. Had to chuckle reading about your setting hen! We had a old banty that wanted to set nonstop. She would hole up in the chicken house for weeks and give blistering looks to the other hens if they came remotely near her! I would have to do the same thing, throw her off. She never laid an egg, she'd just claim someone elses and set on them. That urge to be mother is great! Have a good weekend...

  2. Yesterday was the first day hubby could mow our yard. There were some areas that were still spongy but with the push mower he managed. The grsss in some areas was over 6 inches tall. My iris still aren't blooming. This is the third year since we've moved. Hope they're just late because of all the cold wet weather we've had.

    Sorry the setting hens didn't give you some cute little chicks. My mom always had a couple of banties she'd stick eggs under in the spring.

    Hope you have a safe and blessed weekend.

  3. What a disappointment to us all not to be having any chicks for us to watch grow. Is it too late to try again?

    Had to chuckle at the thought of DH hauling you and the Gravely out of the mud. Never a camera handy when ya need it.

    Lordy that casserole sounds delish!