Monday, April 18, 2011

Sweet Potato Bread - gardening- Setting hens

The last two days have been very nice days with the weather being perfect, sunny, breezy and warmer.

Yesterday was bread making day. I was all set to make whole wheat sandwich bread but saw a recipe for Sweet Potato Bread that caught my eye. I knew I had some mashed sweet potato left over in the refrigerator and thought this would be a good use for it. It was. We both like the bread very much. I apologize for the quality of the picture....don't know what happened but it does show accurately the color and texture of the bread. It was a two-loaf recipe. I need to make hamburger buns soon.

Late in the afternoon, I finished up the early garden planting. I planted two kinds of beets, Early Wonder, and Lutz which is a winter keeper type that I have never grown before; a very short row of Dwarf Blue Kale and I tilled the new strawberry rows.

Still only two snap peas up????that doesn't look promising.

Plants under the lights are looking good.

Setting Hens

Well, this has become a mini fiasco! You would think something so simple and natural would just be easy....nooooooo! At least not here. I had an arrangement that I thought was working well. But then my helpmeet got involved....he left the little door between the setting hens and the others open for a couple of days! So, other chickens had been laying in the nests too....caused one setting hen to change nests...long story/short: I have now put fresh eggs under one and left the other on some very dirty eggs that I don't think will hatch. I have them locked in and told said helpmeet to not touch the doors! I have no idea when hatch will happen or if it will. I think the hen that moved is laying again to accumulate more eggs in her nest. I started with 7, she had 8 last evening. I will just leave her be.
Only time will tell.

The eggs are fertile.....I gave the old eggs to the dog and observed. They had been chilled when she moved to a new nest.

Random Picture

This is a seedling lilac that I noticed a couple of years ago. It is now blooming. I like the location and will just leave it here.


  1. The sweet potato bread looks delicious. Sometime helpers can do more harm than good. I know mine does sometimes. Hope you get some chicks from your boody hens.

    Love the lilac. I took a cutting from one the other day and am trying to get it to root. Time will tell.

  2. All right, Glenda. 'Fess up! Those nice slices of fresh bread look suspiciously even to have been hand-cut. I'm betting there's some gizmo there on the counter with them other than a simple bread knife. No? ;-D

  3. The bread does look delicious! I need to make some bread tonight,weather permiting. The lilac is very pretty. Hope you have some baby chicks soon. Blessings jane

  4. I didn't see a recipe? Would it work to just use my favorite potato bread recipe and substitute sweet potatoes? Have you ever eaten sweet potato french fries? Yum-O!

    Those chickens are certainly playing musical eggs.

    Loooovvvvvve the lilac. Mine are 'way too little to bloom this year. Maybe a bloom or two next year on them if things go well.

  5. Pretty bread and a pretty cat. Our one cat has been missing for several days now-no idea how, why or where she might be. Miss her.

    Lilacs are so pretty and your seedling looks like it is coming along nicely. I wouldn't want to move it either.