Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bagels, daylilies

Our brief interlude of normal weather has ended. The temperature rose during the night. It is now 74° and today will be in the 90's. Still no meaningful rain.

I enjoy bagels for breakfast now and then. I bought a bag of Lender's Bagels several weeks ago. I used to eat them all the time. The first bite and my thought was Wow! these are too salty! I just never noticed before. I did, of course, eat all of them. As Mom always said "waste not; want not".

I have a great recipe for homemade bagels from
Thibault's Table so I made my own and now have my supply in the freezer. I made a few with
Asiago Cheese and sauteed onions rolled inside but I still prefer plain. I haven't mastered the technique of keeping the extras all inside the bagel when I pinch off the blob to make the individual one. Some cheese and onions seems to peek through and bits fall out.

I see I didn't take a picture once they were here is one where they are waiting to be plopped into the boiling water.


All I accomplished yesterday was my morning tour. The beetles are still here devouring things. I try to knock them off into my coffee can of water where possible. DH said he brushed under an Elm try while clipping the west calf lot yesterday and they swarmed off into the air. I could hear them hitting the siding on the house when I went out! I will be checking the blackberries this morning and intend to pick any I see that are ripe.

A few more daylilies are blooming.

This is a seedling I grew.

and Prairie Blue Eyes,

Hall's Pink

and last, Double Joann



  1. Good Morning!
    It's a hot and humid morning here in Kansas too and like you we could sure use some rain. Mmmmm those bagels look delicious! I love Ann's Blog and she takes the most gorgeous food photo's. Your Day Lilies are gorgeous...they're such a pretty flower. We have some here on the farm but they were here when we moved in so I don't know what they are. They're probably pretty old. The beetles are eating everything here too...I just lost two squash plants because of those darn things. Oh well I'll keep plugging on. Time to check for eggs....have a great day and stay cool. Maura :)

  2. Those bagels look delicious! I love Ann's recipes too, she plans what we eat many days! I buy the Lender's Plain bagels, go through "spells" where that's all I want for breakfast. Right now it's Orowheat's Health Nut Bread. We had fun at Springfield this week and yes, that was Drury's spire in the picture! Hadn't been to visit my sister in law for a long time, just too much on my plate these days. But you have to make time for those you love. Have a good weekend Glenda!

  3. Since we sold our place in the Ozarks, I have really missed my flowers. Thanks for sharing your beautiful daylilies!

  4. Glenda, you need to start a bakery or a restaurant. People are missing out on your good looking food. ;>) Lucky family!!

    I too have Prairie Blue Eyes and Halls Pink blooming-nice daylilies. Neat looking double.

  5. Gorgeous daylilies!
    I haven't made bagels in years..time to try again.