Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mission Accomplished - Lilies

I finally did what I said I would: I finished planting in the Kitchen Garden (still have some flower plants and herbs to find a home for).

I planted Ambrosia, Jenny Lind and Green Nutmeg melons. I did two hills of crookneck yellow squash among the cabbages.
I did a hill of Butternut bush-type squash.

I also single-handed (DH was clipping pastures) drove three tee posts and set another cattle panel for a 15 foot row of Cherokee Trail of Tears pole beans. I was proud of myself. It isn't easy to drive one of those posts but I can still do it!

I tilled up the back side of the Cellar Bed and planted some bachelor buttons and lots of zinnias there. I will need to water it to get good germination. No rain is in our forecast for the next week; just 90° days and 70° it July?

I mowed part of the yard before quitting around my usual time.

My fake electric fence did not deter digger dog! I think I will check that green coated fencing about 2 feet high.

I planted the pre-soaked okra seeds this morning. I had the ground all ready for planting so that was a snap.

I told DH that I wasn't going to do any gardening this morning....except for the okra which was a must-do. You know how that goes....I spotted some tall poke I had missed so got the long-handed pruners and got those.....then a few sapling redbuds and ash were showing above the an hour and a half later, I was finished.

The lilies are beginning. The first was the pink one in the path and then the trumpet Regale Lilies did their thing.

and this lime green one by the Smokehouse,

I found my missing Brunello lily! It is near the driveway. I must have dug it and moved it and it hasn't bloomed for a while. I will wait until more are open to take its picture.

I have three more clumps, all white, but different varieties that are loaded with buds but not opened yet.


  1. The lilies are beautiful, especially the lime green.

  2. Your lilies are wonderful! I know how it is when you go out to do just 'one thing', it turns into 20-30. :-)

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  3. Doesn't it just tickle you when you discover you can still swing a sledge hammer to good effect? I felt the same way when I was able to set my U-posts for the wire fence by the golf course last month, even with my injured shoulder. :-D

    Such a nice collection of lilies you have and I'm with Granny - those lime ones are eye catching.

  4. I love lillies and yours are beautiful. I also love okra. I had to replant due to so much rain here a couple of weeks back. SO I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a good harvest.

  5. Oh, oh, oh! The lilies! Beautiful.

    Sixty days until okra blooms, then four days from bloom to pod big enough to cut. As soon as you have a few, fry them with green tomatoes, better than either separately.

    DH made a post driver using a steel tube with welded handles. I can't use it, can't reach that high and it's so heavy to pick up, lol. Easiest way is to let the tractor lift drive them down. Old people depend a lot on hydraulics.

  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you amaze me! There is nothing you two can't accomplish...

  7. Beautiful pics as always! The gardening chores are a unique kind, giving the gardener special powers (lifting T-post drivers!) and special satisfaction when the job and the harvest is done.

  8. I hear you on the 90+ degree days already.

    Was out early-done some weeding, mulched a flowerbed and mowed the yard. Went to the grocery store, fixed lunch with the help of Sonic and in honor of National Dairy Month had milk shakes! Dried and folded a load of laundry, dealt with an insurance adjuster on our pipe fence and think I am ready for a break. Plan to make your banana cake recipe later to have tomorrow for the Game Girls.

    Very pretty lilies. You saying you planted zinnias reminds me I have some seed my SIL gave me-big red ones. Need to sow them in the tomato bed.

    Going to look up your recipe and print it off--take care.