Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day - Time in the Cellar

Happy Father's Day to all you lucky dads.

I am delighted to report we got almost an inch of rain last night. It was another very stormy one...we were awakened from a sound sleep by the weather alert radio and took shelter in the cellar (remember the cellar bed across the yard)for about an hour. I am so glad we had the lights fixed down there.
I will spend this week doing some cleanup. We need to have the floor drain reamed out so it runs smoothly. There is a leak around the base wall and it should just run out the drain quickly....Now I have to find the outlet hole in the front ditch....again and dig out around it.

We just got very strong winds, thankfully no one in the area had a tornado but there was the possibility so we took heed.

I just took a cursory look at the garden and the corn patch is laying pretty flat to the east. All the storm was from the west as usual this time of year.

Basically all is well though and we are very thankful!

We had the ordered breakfast of biscuits, link sausages, bacon and my added scrambled eggs. We had apple jelly and strawberry jam with biscuits.
Our daughter requested gravy.....I raised her right! So we added that to the mix.

They left at 9 am headed to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida for a week of vacation.

We are feeling a little droopy so will probably take a nap this morning before heading in to see FIL. We lost about 2 hours sleep due to the cellar run. I made him some Granola and may make peanut brittle too if I have enough peanuts left.


I love self seeders. Here are a couple. So far I have only found one Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate, but lots of nicotiana sylvestris.

More monarda here (in the New Bed). The self seeder here is the blue salvia.

and here is a red monarda, Jacob Cline. Monardas are spreaders, not self-seeders. This one is growing almost in full shade.
A seedling peach tree grew up beside it and, of course, I let it grow. I should move Jacob. It is on the To Do Picture List.


  1. Glad it was just a storm an no tornado. We've had some scary weather the pst couple of weeks but nothing serious.

    The only self seeding plant I have is blue salvia and it isn't doing worth a darn since we moved here.

  2. Glad you had no bad storms. Our part of the county (Texas) was kind of on the line for the storms-we had 1/4' of rain which made for a nice cool, good smelling morning! Helped DH give a heifer with a sore foot a shot, checked the flowers and pulled a few weeds before heading back inside.

    Breakfast sounds good-we had eggs, bacon, toast and watermelon. Had a simple lunch of a sandwich with a tomato slice and chips.

    I am going to make DH a chocolate pie and the girls are bringing the rest of the supper. A nap before sounds about right as the thunder interrupted my sleep!!

    I also like self seeders. I mulch pretty heavy most of the time and that cuts down on them some. Pretty photos!

  3. Glad you have a safe place to go to. After Joplin, we will take heed of those warnings and not just turn over and go back to sleep. The self seeding information is sure helpful. I need to add Monardo to my list since it was blooming in your shade. It's a cool breezy morning so I'm going to go out and plant some seeds. We are having the worst case of gnats this year. I'm going to spray the plants and hopefully that will help. Looking forward to cooler temps this week!