Friday, June 3, 2011


Yesterday was another very hot and humid one. I was outside by 6:30 AM and worked until about 10:00. I could have gone another hour but DH came in from the field (he was brushhogging) then so I thought that would be a good time to stop.

We spent another hour just resting on the Dining Room Porch. This porch is on the east side of the house and is actually used as the front door by everyone but family and friends who always come the to the pack porch door and into the kitchen. Rarely do we get beyond the kitchen if it is just a short visit.

While sitting there yesterday, I thought how lucky we were to live where we do.
Even though it is pretty close to the road, we don't get much traffic during the day. I think one tractor went by the hour we were sitting there.

DH always goes in and makes coffee for us (and brings it to me too)to enjoy while resting. I had to wash up first. I had been using the new trimmer (I love it!) and had bits of weeds stuck to my arms and face.

The camera was on the table so I took some shots of our peaceful view.
I am on the porch swing taking the pictures.

This is looking southeasterly (note the road)

and looking straight out which is east to the east yard and the cellar area.

This makes me aware that I have nothing blooming over there now. I need to do some shifting around of plants.

and this is DH's end where he sits in the shade of the honeysuckle vine.

I think another week of morning work and I will be where I should be in the gardening process. I lost a full month because of various things.

Yesterday I planted the peppers. BTW, Ilene, my peppers germinated after soaking (a great idea, thank you.) and are in a semi shady area on the patio. I will let them get some size before moving to the garden.

I also stuck more tomato plants along the fence and have 6 more to do today.
I did my last working of the corn patch, hilled them up and thinned them. I also planted some NT Half Runner beans down the outside row of the corn. I hope these beans don't get as tall of others because this is sweet corn and it won't be as strong as the field corn I did last year.

I haven't planted all the pole beans yet or any melons. I hope to till the west end of the Kitchen Garden today and get that done.

It is hard to believe, but I am going to water the corn patch today! These rocky Missouri soils dry out quickly in windy 90° days. I leave my hose stretched out along the garden fence so all I have to do is move the sprinkler head where I want it. It hooked up the the hydrant right outside the west end of the garden.

I also planted some dill and cilantro. I know it's late for them. I did the cilantro between the lettuce rows under the shade cloth so maybe it will make anyway.

I am trying Larry's Weed Free Vegetable Garden trick of using a board to cover the seeds until they germinate.


  1. What a lovely shady view you have from your porch, Glenda. And how nice to find some time to sit and enjoy it between jobs. Sounds like the new trimmer is a keeper. I'm just now putting seeds into pots to germinate (the Ambrosia melons you sent & some yellow crookneck - I like them better than zukes - more flavor). I was also going to sow some of the seeds I saved from the butternuts, but found LOTs of them already sprouted in the compost pile. LOL Still need to plant my cukes. Everything is behind sched this year.

    Temps this week: from 95 to 45. Crazy, huh? Now I'm actually hoping for the 50% rain tomorrow - those desiccating winds sure dried out the beds and transplants. Stay cool... :-D

  2. I hope you don't overdo it in the heat. It sounds like you'll be really busy when it's time for all the vegetables to be harvested. The view from your porch is lovely. Such a peaceful place to relax.

  3. You have a lovely place! Makes me want to sit down with a glass of iced tea and a good book!

  4. You have a pretty house and yard! It looks so peaceful and relaxing to sit on the porch with your views. It's going to be a hot one today here in MidMO...95! Yikes. At least they haven't said anything about rain for the next few days, but we know that can change! About the cilantro, I saw some at WalMart yesterday and thought about buying one or two, but haven't ever planted it so didn't know if it was getting too late or not. I wonder how it would do in a pot? Have a good weekend.

  5. You see, Glenda, you too have lovely views! And I can see that you've been busy as the place looks wonderful!...:)JP

  6. Absolutely fantastic!
    You're an inspiration!