Friday, June 24, 2011

Gardening - Harvest - Bread Day

We are still needing a good soaking rain which seems to pass us by.

Two days ago, worked seriously in the Kitchen Garden doing some weeding. I finally exposed the potato row where I can actually find the potatoes to dig them They are getting very close to that stage. This was an interesting potato year. They barely bloomed and they got very tall. I do find potatoes under the vines. The onions are looking quite good.

This is the row of Yukon Golds, the vines are laying over but now quite ready for digging yet.

When I finished the weeding, I pulled all of the Early Wonder beets that were sizable, I pulled several onions to thin and because I needed onions in the
kitchen, I cut the first head of cabbage. It was a very nice first harvest.

I dug a few more volunteer potatoes out of the onion rows and that is the last of the broccoli. I will be pulling and adding it to the compost or more probably tossing it to the chickens.

I think the garlic is going to be nice this year. It is not quite ready to pull. I use the term pull loosely; it will need to be dug. The bulbs seemed to have grown more down in the soil than I planted them.

The next day I processed 5 pints of beets. I need help canning!!! I lost some liquid out of the jars.....Ilene what did I do wrong? I am very new to pressure canning.

I also made two loaves of white and 2 of whole wheat bread. I made up one loaf of the whole wheat into burger buns.

Late in the day we drove over to pick up the cured meat from the hog we bought. We haven't tried any bacon or ham yet.


  1. Oh I would love to have a big ole burger on one of those buns. They look so wonderful!

  2. Mmmmmm.......bacon! Can't wait!