Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fall Roses - Lard

We have been having some wonderful warm weather....if you don't count the wind. However, yesterday was just perfect....with no wind at all.

I have been catching up on some odds and ends of projects.

First, I rendered the last two bags of ground pork fat and got 6 lbs of the wonderful stuff.  It renders so quickly on top of the stove in the maslin pot so that is what I always do.  I started with this,

and ended with this
From Blog photos

This time of year my roses always look better than any other time of year.  I have 4 or so blooming now.

This first one is Paul McCartney which I planted sometime in the early 1990's.  That is a very long time for a rose to last in my gardens.

It was so windy the day I took these photos that trying to catch the blooms up close was tricky.
That is my excuse for these being very off center,and this is a single bud that I finally anchored with my hand,
and this last one is called the last rose of summer and it is also the first rose  of spring.  It is an ancient China rose called Parson's Pink,

I have two others blooming that I will try to photograph before another hard freeze.

I started refinishing the cedar chest I bought.....ended up just sanding off the finish and will do a coat or two of poly to seal it.  I sanded the inside to refresh the cedar smell.  I hope to bring it in today.  I plan to store extra bedding in it.  It wasn't in pristine condition.....


  1. Your lard turned out nice. What do you use it for? Does it taste like pork?

    Your roses are lovely. I have to hold them sometimes too, to get a picture.

    The hope chest sounds really nice, especially made from cedar. I know it will look lovely when you are done with it.

    Enjoy the rest of your week ~ FlowerLady

  2. PINK ~ my favorite rose color.. It's just so calming to have pink roses given to me on my birthday. Great picture of the roses and so glad you are able to grow them.. Not me,,they always die for me.
    I love to use lard to make my pies.. Makes the crust soooo flaky. Good Job~! I use it also to make suet for my wildbirds in the winter time.Add some flour and cornmeal and ta da ~ the birds love it~!
    Have a Blessed Day~ ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  3. That lard looks luscious - none of that 'partially hydrogenated' stuff they sell in stores. How do you store it? I spent some time in the kitchen too these past couple of days - making stock.

    I, too, am a big fan of pink flowers and your roses certainly made me smile, especially the Paul McCartney.

  4. Nice looking lard! I'm getting ready to go pick up & render some leaf lard in a few days.

    (Yay! I can finally post comments here again, I think. I've been reading all along but, for some reason, couldn't post comments on yours and a few others. I've been able to do so once again this week so had to spout off here. :-D )

  5. I can see some great pie crust in your future!

  6. Your roses are still beautiful! Lovely shade of pink.

    I used to make a pie crust recipe that used lard and buttermilk-made several crusts and was very flaky. Looks like you have enough to last awhile.

    Had DH unhook the hose from the faucet outside-going to get cold they say!

    Take care-----Bev

  7. Those roses are gorgeous. I bet they smell wonderful, too.

    Wish I had a source for some leaf pork fat. Maybe I will ask where I buy my beef. The lard looks perfect.

  8. The roses are pretty, I have quite a few in my flower bed, and yes, they prefer cooler weather.