Monday, November 28, 2011

Rain has stopped for we have had a few gloomy days with no sun in sight.

I know most of us are busily preparing for Thanksgiving dinner/dinners so I will just jot down some of my doings.

First, I got started reading Nina Planck's book "real food" again and got worked up once again.  I keep coconut oil on hand but use it mostly for soaping.  I will be changing that after reading about its beneficial qualities in her book.  I decided to test it by using it to make biscuits this morning.  I used my regular 2 cups of flour recipe and use 1/2 cup of the coconut oil.....perfect biscuits in every way.  That will be a new routine .  Now I don't order online and get organic, cold milled which may negate all the benefits of my Walmart buy....I don't know.

I have my two pie crusts laid out thawing for making pies for MIL's dinner tomorrow.  I made rolls yesterday and will take some also.  The rest I will freeze for our Saturday dinner.  I have the ham thawed and will cook it Friday since my daughter and family will be here...leftover for the Saturday dinner alon with the turkey.

I cooked two bags of .99 Ocean Spray cranberries for sauce; taking out one pint for whole and running the balance through the Foley's Food Mill for the smooth sauce.

But the big news is I defrosted the upright freezer so I can actually see things again.  I took out three bags of sliced apples and cooked them for chunky applesauce for an alternative to the cranberries.

Funny thing about making the rolls so early;  I was preparing to make a test batch of the Oat Bran bread and already had the 2 packages of yeast proofing and began looking for the hot oat bran cereal the recipe calls for....not to be found (which led me to the defrosting project!)....I didn't have any.  By now the yeast is getting reading to flow over the sides of the measuring cup.....I decided to just make the dinner rolls instead of the bread.  I had every additive known to the bread-making world but no hot oat bran cereal!

Today I fully intend to clean out the bottom freezer drawer of the I find the oat bran cereal...maybe. It would hurt to clean the entire refrigerator either.

I will also milk this morning so I won't run out.  My kids are big milk drinkers, especially our icy cold raw milk. I raised 'em right!

Sis called yesterday evening around 5:30 PM...she was visiting with her DH and she told him she was going to call and they had a bet I would be in my jammies.......easy money.!  Of course I had on my jammies; it was dark outside ergo, I am ready for bed.  Well she kept me up until 7:30 so I managed to stay awake until 8:30 PM.  The time change is killing me...

I am going to make fudge today.  Our granddaughter has asked for it twice now.....this time she is getting it.  I will be sending it home with her.  I can remember when she wouldn't touch anything chocolate.

to be continued...


  1. I recently began playing with coconut oil, too. I bought what WalMart had but will be buying better stuff online soon -- it's not too pricey when bought in bulk. I read something or other that that WM coconut oils end up having trans fatty acids and/or hydrogenated something or other due to their processing. I don't remember the details, just that I made a mental note to not buy more until I could source a better quality. I betcha even the WM stuff still can't be worse than shortening & margarine.

  2. I'd be interested in how you process Willow's milk--or do you? Have heard horror stories about unprocessed milk. I had a drink of raw milk as a kid at Grandma's farm... yuck! Maybe you can change my mind.