Monday, November 28, 2011

We are having a period of colder than normal weather here.  It began raining Saturday and drizzled all day; we got another inch which is very good.

Well when I read my previous post, I saw I didn't get done all I had set out to surprise there!
I didn't get the fridge cleaned...I made a small batch of fudge but it was a total disaster; very sugary. If any of you have a "no fail" recipe I will be most grateful!  This was so bad, I froze it hoping to find a use for it at some point.  I can't make decent brownies either!

Our company left around 3PM Saturday afternoon.  I go into a let-down mode and pretty much drop into my easy chair and recuperate for a long while after company and big dinners.

Sunday I was somewhat back to normal mode and  vacuum sealed lots of turkey and ham and dressing.  I have two quarts of turkey broth to freeze today. 

I didn't milk when I said I would but I did yesterday morning.  We were completely out of milk and were reduced to drinking some 'store' milk DH's mom brought out left from her dinner.  She can't drink regular milk; has lactose intolerance.  The minute I have Willow's milk DH won't drink the store milk.....

 We are down to a few slices of Oatmeal bread so today I will be baking....

Random Farm Picture

I haven't taken pictures lately... I took this a few weeks ago.  It is in a 7-acre pasture that marks the western boundary of the farm.  I can see it from the west side of the house.


  1. Ah, it's best that the fridge cleaning waited until after the Thanksgiving feast and leftovers anyhow!

    They have been scaring us with freeze warnings at night, but I have yet to skim or chip ice off the waterbuckets. Yet.

  2. Ah, I, too, bagged up lots of turkey chunks and made 4 quarts of stock from the carcass (a really good batch - it gelled right up when cool). Too bad about the fudge - can you use it on ice cream?

  3. Girl, you run circles around me when you are in "down mode!" This is my busiest time of the year so everynight I crash early. Got the trees up, some shopping done... just a day at a time! The pond is beautiful, these fall rains have helped fill them back up. Have a good week Glenda!

  4. I'm making fudge tomorrow--I'll try to remember to post the recipe--maybe on my blog! Look for it within the next two days. It's super simple and turns out great.