Friday, November 18, 2011

Refinished Cedar Chest

I finished this yesterday.

I have it in front of the sofa like a coffee table.  It looks crowded here but the room is 19 x 16 and it leaves plenty of space.
and here is the real reason I bought it:

This let me get rid of a table in a bedroom that had stacks of bedding on it and empty some zipper bags of blankets out of the closet.  There is still room for more in the chest.  It is 48 inches long.

We are liking having a coffee table in front of the sofa...haven't had one in years.  Now DH has yet another place to stack all his reading material, glass and coffee cup and all the other detritus he seems to surround himself with! 

I wanted to report that I made my 6-crust recipe for pies and used the newly rendered lard to test it for taste.
I made a small blackberry cobbler and the crust is piggy taste at all.  I am set for Thanksgiving pies now.  All are frozen singly so I just take out what I want and let  thaw. 


  1. I love how your hope chest turned out. It looks great in front of the sofa and your linens will smell wonderful after being stored in there.

    Glad your lard worked for your pie crusts. How neat that you can make up 6 pie crusts at once and put them in the freezer. That's fantastic and what a time saver.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Your chest looks beautiful! I've used a cedar hope chest for our coffee table for years. All that STORAGE!!

  3. Your chest turned out lovely-makes a great and pretty coffee table. Good job!

  4. Oh, that is gorgeous! You do such good work. I love cedar chests but it's hard for me to find room for them. I have a big one, 3'x6' and 2' deep that takes up soooo much space. I'm trying to figure out a way to make it work standing on one end.

  5. The cedar chest looks/works great. My dad keeps trying to get me to take my mom's cedar chest, but it weighs a ton, has a curved top, and I have no place to put it.

    You slaughter your own pigs and use the lard? I thought it was interesting how you said it does not have the 'piggy' taste. When I've cooked pork, I think it smells and tastes very much like the huge swine production buildings that are around here (and where most people get their pork). I am guessing that raising pigs in the open eliminates that taste?